PAZ-3205 V1.7.5

PAZ-3205 is a popular model of a small class city bus manufactured by Pavlovsky Bus. This bus, familiar to the depths of the soul, was developed in the late 70s, after the production of an experimental batch in 1984, factory tests began, and in 1989 mass production was launched, which continues to this day.

I slightly corrected Pazik, changed the wheels to more suitable ones, made a window outside on the driver’s side, so that not only one door would open, and corrected the sound of the signal so that it did not sound the same both inside and outside and changed the Pazik icon in mods
Author: Vitaly Ivanushkin
Author of revision: funyash
Thanks for the help: Mr.Fox
Update Author: AJIEHA



2 thoughts on “PAZ-3205 V1.7.5

  1. wHEELSoNtHEbUSgOrOund

    I havent tried it yet (idk if its safe 🙁 ). Really good idea, we need small buses like that in ets2. Also i have one good suggestion what you should make, ZAZ A10.

  2. wHEELSoNtHEbUSgOrOund

    Not so good as i expected it to be. Sounds like idk what, wierd horn. And defenetly not soviet style accleration.

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