PAZ 32054 v 1.2

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MAN Dealer
Not painted
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11 Responses to PAZ 32054 v 1.2

  1. LynxKris says:

    Do you have any original interior for it?
    Or may i make one with or without your permission?

    • Sergosh says:

      my work, my originality, you will not re-upload my mod

      • Стас says:

        Привет, такой вопрос. Вы можите сделать машину по фотографии, желательно полную копию, учитывая покраску, обвесы и различный тюнинг?

      • NelsonCL says:

        Your mod is crap and you are a crappy modder. Thus guy wants to help you and you dont want to

  2. RiflerGamer says:

    Test video:

  3. Medo says:

    nice bus but need original interior

  4. Trucker_Schmitt says:

    The turn signals are also strange:
    Left signal: No function at all
    Right signal: hazard flasher instead of right hand flash lights.

    That’s bull….

  5. Renato says:

    Hahaha Kamaz interior?

  6. Oleg says:

    It is possible, how can I fix it, so that at least up to 100 km, it can be dispersed, otherwise it will not exceed 80?
    With the interior, it’s just a problem, without the interior, the meaning of this fashion is lost !!!

  7. BAQRO says:

    than i go in MAN dealer ETS crashes why? help me

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