Pegaso Troner TX 400 V 1.0

Pegaso-Troner-TX-400-2 Pegaso Troner TX 400 1

– Original Sounds engine startup and shutdown, sound signals and wipers, horn sound.
– Motor 400 hp
– 2 boxes of 16 gear changes one with retarder
– The engine and gearbox original values ​​by manufacturer.
– Do not replace any truck and appear at dealers and online Iveco
– Appears in traffic IA
– Possibility of adding accessories bar and grill lights up front and trim / lower lightbar
– Front fog lights to be lit with yellow lights Faro.
– Interior Iveco Stralis (Until we get a 100% operational and functional)

Author: ETS2MOD


23 thoughts on “Pegaso Troner TX 400 V 1.0

  1. That random dude

    whats this ugly #### ?

    1. This is an ENASA truck, spanish truck manufacturer, closed in 90´s (sold to Iveco, unfortunatelly).

  2. Sarkissian

    Why didn’t you release the truck_traffic_storage.sii file apart from this truck, or unlocked it??
    Now my other traffic trucks are not on the road anymore if I use this truck!! 🙁
    Or unlock the file, but do not force a truck_traffic_storage.sii file to be used!

  3. awkward that you can not use 6×2 or 6×4 🙁

  4. dis is one daf xf 95 no pegaso troner

    1. That random dude

      ######!!! THIS ISNT DAF XF 95!!

      1. it is kind off. daf helped with making the cab

    2. Yeah … Looks like he used the cab for the base model. And also, “rama parts” looks like MAZ … Not my liking. Sorry to author

      1. jeffjamm94

        xf95? you mean DAF 95, this was before the XF was around. it was simply called, DAF 95. it was from the mid 90s not XF95, that was around 2005, an no 95XF either,, those were from 1999, Pegaso used its cab but its not a DAF at all

  5. Veri nice model!!! Nestor the best!!

    1. Good joke jajaja

      1. good joke, the creator of this mod is a cripple, not see how they shine lights? not see as shines the cabin? a truck 1992? nor were a axor 2013 … creators are some maimed.

  6. #### mod , irealistic and original interior? -10/0 donwload? NO! go to recicle bin lol jajajaja

  7. Well, all of you haters, maybe you should try to make a better one? Mod is working and has no serious errors, at least I have not seen any, so far. Maybe, when I’ll drive some more distance in this truck, I’ll be able to say more.

    1. Hotracer[SPA]

      Errors? Would tell me when a pegaso troner has led daf xf seat if at that time the daf xf still neither existed,? but what? This mod is a mix between thousands of the network do have merit? Obviously it has none, under the point of view of anyone who knows the subject and having the head in place. Obviously the creator has 100 back who in order to get a Pegasus praise it as if it were a God, when any rookie to start with the zmodeler gives thousand turns jajajaja

      1. I’m not talking about details and if this mod is just as an original truck. I’m talking about ingame working and I cannot read when somebody writes “what is this ####”… Have nothing to say – don’t say nothing…

        1. It is just your opinion. Make a better one, show your sills.

    2. Sarkissian

      I am not a hater! I love mods, but it would be better if the truck_traffic_storage.sii file is seperate if the file is locked!!!

      1. relax mate, this was not straight to you, I like your mods and enjoy using them. I was talking about those, who only can say “what is this ####” and anything meaningful.

  8. Administrator should delete comments like this above. This guy (DanielRG) apparently has a big problem with himself. Serious problem with his personality…

  9. almog223344

    Does it even have interior??

  10. ¿Lo pensais terminar algun dia o por lo menos actualizarlo a las nuevas versiones del juego?
    Menuda chapuza de mod con un camión que a sido el buque insignia de los camiones españoles.

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