Penny Markt skin for Krone Cool Liner

This is a skin featuring the german discount grocery store “Penny Markt”

Game Version 1.41.
Krone DLC is required!

Works with Krone Cool Liner only.

If you want to share this mod on other sites, please keep the original link!



10 thoughts on “Penny Markt skin for Krone Cool Liner

  1. Pedro shared the Penny skin yesterday, why did you share the same skin? what did you want to prove ?? to be better than Pedro ??
    the result is the same. This is incorrect in this community.

    1. GermanETS2Driver

      I hate ungrateful peoples like you.
      grateful people should get more Mods for free and ungrateful people should pay for a Mod!
      but i think you are here more often than some others because you are not a smart person.

      1. First learn the rules common to all
        and then write.
        You called me ungrateful! but do you at least know what it means?
        Go and read what I wrote to Pedro

    2. Ossipedia

      There is nothing to prove. I just happen to work on some skins for german shops and companies at the moment and this was just one of them.

      Nobody has to download if they don’t like it. There are so much mods out there to fit anybodies taste. It happens that some things exist 2, 3 or more times.

      I respect the work of every author and do actively support a lot of them.
      So, actually accusing me of incorrect behaviour without even knowing me is kinda biased.

      Have a nice one anyways!

      1. Yes, it’s true I don’t know you, I’ve been following ETS and this forum for 15 years and I’ve seen you 2 or 3 times if you had another name before, I don’t know. You’re right, it can happen that some skins have already been edited, but if a skin has just been loaded (badly done)
        you reload a skin with the same logo what should you think?
        I’m not biased, Pedro I don’t know him I just understood that he is at the first skins, and I gave him some advice on Bit Coin evidently he has not read because he has edited another nonsense skin covid19.
        GermanETS2Driver is a bad lawyer.
        Ti saluto.

        1. GermanETS2Driver

          Was willst du mit “bad lawyer”? Macht überhaupt null sinn!
          I use the internet many years now and until 2020 all was normal but after that covid appeared some people lost their mind. You are the lawyer of pedro huh? he made a weaker skin than this one and than you start your “lawyer” work for pedro that no one is allowed to do the same companie skin as your friend.

          Genug den troll gefüttert.

          1. You have read the comment above and continue to not understand, I just pointed out the same rules for everyone. Tomorrow I will edit the skin Das Futterhaus (very nice) and then wait for your thesis.

  2. GermanETS2Driver

    Thanks for the Skin! It looks good and its “Penny Markt” a german skin not the same from Pedro his skin was “Penny Market”.
    small “details” on the rear are looking also good.

  3. The Nightgames

    i must say i like the design 1000 times better than the other skins i have seen recently

  4. The Nightgames

    Good morning Ossipedia

    Is there somewhere to write to you
    I have a few questions for you

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