Peterbilt 351 + Trailers Pack


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– 2 Interior
– Spelled “step” Salon camera
– Fully independent model, bought in the salon DAF
– Present their amendments in the interior of the cabin and on the external model
– External salon model is changed simultaneously with the inner
– Spelled out the work in the companies
– Trailers Pack

Authors: JAWA, Stas556, Smith, dmitry68, Мишанька, Kriechbaum, JujuQcTrucker, Knox_xss

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84 thoughts on “Peterbilt 351 + Trailers Pack

  1. tyrannix2342

    beautiful truck:)Hooray for developers:) 10/10

  2. Awesome mod! But Krech’s sound doesn’t go with it, it sounds off and terrible. They usually put an older Cummins 350 or a Detroit 12v71. Just anything but that lame sound. But overall the mod is good!

    1. kriechbaum

      Siberius : they did not ask me anything… They put this sound on the truck, and gave me credits. I do agree too, the sound isn’t at the good place.


      1. kriechbaum

        Edit : the truck comes with 3 different sounds, the DD is for me the best on this truck, the most realistic.

        1. DeutscheMaack

          On which version is the mod ?

  3. countryman


  4. MidniteTrain


  5. awesome truck!

  6. Sounds like Kriechbaum’s sound for the VNL 780 so it definitely doesn’t sound like it should

  7. it would be nice if you can ad a trailer from the movie DUEL

  8. Faelandaea

    Very nice model, but cannot be skinned. Was hoping to paint her in fleet colors but the author has explicitly banned repainting of this truck even for personal use.

    1. Fulltilt503

      Developers have no say in what you do with content they release to the public. re-paint it to your hearts content I say.

      1. Faelandaea

        The problem with that is, the mod is locked. Can’t skin what one can’t access. And the current mod unlockers available say this file is corrupted.

    2. Fulltilt503

      Devs keep deleting my posts, guess they don’t like the truth. Like I said, he released it to the public and has no say what you do with it anymore for personal use. Go ahead an skin it.

      1. We not deleting posts. When you write first comment, you need approvement.

        1. Fulltilt503

          Apologies, I made the comment and it showed up but a few minutes later it wasn’t there anymore.

      2. Faelandaea

        That wasn;t the case here. What I was referring to was the fact that the mod is locked. He states in the readme “credit him for skins”, yet prevents us from skinning. Silly to write that in the readme when he locked the mod.

  9. Hey, that’s really a great mod. the quality is unbelievably good!

    the only thing that bothers me is the sound. it’s nice if it was made as real as possible, but this just sounds bad. great respect to the person who has made ​​the sound. No wonder I do not know how to do something.

    perhaps there would be alternative in sound?

  10. Humpfester

    Really great mod, But I’d agree the sound needs to be changed, this is by far one of the best American trucks in ETS2,thanks for sharing.

  11. Brilliant! Classic truck. I personally don’t mind the sound, nice jake brake clatter, horns not wimpy but not like a train horn either, plus there’s no turbo blow off sounding like a vacuum cleaner on meth every gear change (-;

  12. Using google translate(russian) below, I speak english.

    Спасибо за поставив PETERBILT вместе.

  13. 313Cerberus

    Couldn’t disagree with the other comments more. This truck is simply “kit bashed” from various other mods and slapped into an SCS base model. It doesn’t look good or even correct for the model/year.

  14. JLourenco

    Can you give me the truck template pls?
    I wanna make some skins for it 😀

  15. Been waiting for this truck ever since Stas uploaded a video of it to his YouTube channel. So excited to try it out.

    1. Fulltil503: nice vid 😉 Seems, you’re good ol’ driver 😉

  16. Sumerian_Demon

    ey guys .. just ONE BIG WORD! THANKYOU!!! this truck is awesome.. beautiful … you guys made an awesome work!! keep it up

  17. Sevandres

    I can not find a single flaw with this truck! The customization options are very good! The interiors are perfect, the truck looks great and menacing on the outside. I personally don’t mind the sounds, I am driving with the ISX15 600 HP Engine (Correct me if I am wrong.. It’s the Cummins.) This truck cruises at 60 MPH (100 KPH)in 16th gear 17th if you like low RPMs.

    IT EVEN COMES WITH TRAILERS!! Seriously. This truck is easily one of, if not THE best truck mod out there. Download this. Drive this. Enjoy this.

    If you don’t, there’s something seriously wrong with you. 😛

    1. But if you want to realy drive the truck, try the 300 or 400 hp engines. I personaly use one of the 450 engines, and 14 tarnsmission. And with a H shifter you can realy feel you fight the truck up the hill. Its realy fun to drive it 😉 Just my personaly opinion.

      1. Sevandres

        Oh I concur, I was just using the 600 HP / 18 speed as kind of an example. =)

  18. wow thats a american classic! what an amazing job you guys did! always a fan of oldtimer trucks this one is complete and is very luxurious with the options! i remember stas556 and dmitry68 from the w900 and the k100, and kriechbaum for his awesome sound mods. hope you guys will be modders for a long time! and not to forget about the rest who made this mod, what an awesome mod all you guys made. thanks so much and greetings from Holland.

  19. Faelandaea

    In the readme:

    “When diffusing, please do not forget to write the authors! ”

    Yet no contact info is included in there to write them for permission to make repaints of this beautiful truck. Anyone know how to contact them?


    The engine sound/gear change noise in this video sounds pretty good. I wonder if one of the creators will possibly include these sounds in a future update?

  21. Can someone tell me how I can build my own truck plzz all the trucks on here are great but there is not one australian truck they are all American or euro I just want two things that’s all I want

    1. Faelandaea

      Google “Blender2SCS”. That’s all you’ll ever need 🙂 And a good paint program like Photoshop CS6. Gimp if you like free stuff. Blender is also completely free and it is a VERY powerful software.

  22. This truck reminds me Spilberg’s move “Duel.”

    Wow!!! it’s amazing!!!

    Is there anybody can make weathered trailers for this truck?

  23. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. I was a bit late on this mod but here’s my video upload on this truck..(if you’re familiar with the way I drive, something always happens)
    Same run, broken down into 3 parts…..

  24. Peterbilt 389

    Hallo, ein sehr schooner Truck wie ich ihn mir wuensche, aaaaaber bitte liebe Modder solch ein truck gehoert eine unbedingt und ohne wenn und aber auch eine Richtige Motorhaube aus dem Fuererhaus zu sehen und nioht so eine Contergan Motorhaube. Das ist nix gescheides so was mickriges in einem Ami Truck gibt es einfach nicht. Erzaehlt mir bitte nicht es geht nicht . Es geht, andere Mods beweisen das. Bitte aendern wenn geht. Ansonsten ein sehr schooner Truck und gut gemacht.
    Peterbilt 389.

  25. this is the best american truck mod ever done, maybe you can make a nice kenworth T800 ( The t800 mod now on this website is a just crappy, no tuning, no sound, no good engine etc. ) or a normal kenworth w900l ( normal lenght etc. ).

  26. Steve_the_trucker

    Hmmm, I’ve installed this but all of my job markets have disappeared, I have no jobs to perform, it can only be this mod as it’s the only new one I’ve put in today, everything was OK a few days ago.

    1. I had the same problem. I found out it was the 351 trailer mod causing the issue so I loaded up an old save and took the mod out of my mod folder. Not sure if there’s an issue with the mod itself or there’s some kind of conflict with my other mods.

      1. Effing Clueless ####

        I had the same issue with no jobs on job market after loading this mod.

        I removed the mod and loaded a old save that had not been touched by this mod and got my job markets back.

        I will try your tip of loading the truck mod but not loading the trailer mod they included.

        I will say the truck engine sounds (I tried all 3 engine types) were pretty sad. Best of the bunch I suppose was caterpillar engine sounds.

        I like the shot gun in front seat option.

        Would have liked to seen the bull horn hood ornaments used as was in the Peterbilt 389 mod. Oh well.

        It is sad the authors of the Peterbilt 389 mod don’t update so it is working as it should with 1.12 ETS2.

        Whoever put this mod together would have done everyone who is not native Russian by including at least ENglish text in the read me file.
        I suspect there are more English readers across the globe than Russian readers. Just saying.

      2. Steve_the_trucker

        Thanks for that GSP, I’ll take the trailer mod out and see if it’s any better.

  27. kriechbaum


    The truck is nice, but YES, the sound isn’t good on this truck. The problem is that those excellent modders didn’t ask me something new/reworked to fit better on this truck. At least a 8V92 or i’ll try to do a 12V71. So sorry for this sound, but it’s not my fault ! 😀

    See you.

    1. We all look forward to your work, kriechbaum. 😉

    2. Hello. There are 3 variants of engines in a mod. Your DD s92 V-8 and CAT 3406 from Jujuqctrucker. Isx15 there clean for laid up.:)

      1. dmitry, would it be possible to the release the truck with this sound?

  28. Вылетает нахрен и с полуприцепами и без них. Играть не возможно. А жаль.

  29. Nefertiti

    In interior view, the bonnet is always white, no matter what color I paint the truck. Is that happening for anyone else?

    Where do I find the sleeper (as seen in picture)? I only noticed a daycab.

    1. When you change interiors, it also changes the exterior, thats why there are 6 options for interiors, even though it changes exterior

      1. Nefertiti

        Thankyou, alan.

  30. kriechbaum

    Edit : the truck comes with 3 different sounds, the DD (detroit diesel) is for me the best on this truck, the most realistic.


  31. A wery nice, anda fun truck to drive.Perfect if you like veterans 😉

  32. Peterbilt 389 v. 1.12 pls .. >.<

  33. Really nice truck and mod. Thanks for sharing.

    My only constructive critic is the front (small) mirrors. The one on the right is not bad at all, as you can see the nose of the truck, but the left one doesn’t show what it should. It’s just a duplicate of the side mirror. I should see there cars before they are visible on the side mirror (sorry, I’m just a mirror fanatic).

    There’s also a small glitch on the whipers. One of the interiors doesn’t match the exterior on the whiper position. The other one is correct.

    Otherwise, a fantastic mod that I’m enjoying a lot. So thanks again.

  34. @JAWA

    thanks for sharing as great work!

    I have these few issues in my setup v1.13.2s (only this mod used)

    uset g_lang “en_gb”
    Mounting extra package: C:/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/Truck – Peterbilt 351 v1.0 by JAWA& z1.scs
    [zipfs] Truck – Peterbilt 351 v1.0 by JAWA& z1.scs: read ok, 177 entries [0x56ae2341]
    Mounting extra package: C:/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/Truck – Peterbilt 351 v1.0 by JAWA& z2.scs
    [zipfs] Truck – Peterbilt 351 v1.0 by JAWA& z2.scs: read ok, 2739 entries [0x2a616916]
    Mounting extra package: C:/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/Truck – Peterbilt 351 v1.0 by JAWA& z3 trailers.scs
    [zipfs] Truck – Peterbilt 351 v1.0 by JAWA& z3 trailers.scs: read ok, 675 entries [0x1c6700b8]
    uset s_sfx_enabled “1”

    [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/25/604b88ccac7e88bd5db65cd83114a0c1dc1749/8ed38b930c6ec059e19b7e9c8e6fa8ede639e0.pmg’ with size 26388768
    [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/sal_351/sal_351.pmg’ with size 19236506
    Incorrect rear wheel definition for /25/604b88ccac7e88bd5db65cd83114a0c1dc1749/8ed38b930c6ec059e19b7e9c8e6fa8ede639e0.pmd
    Incorrect rear wheel definition for /25/604b88ccac7e88bd5db65cd83114a0c1dc1749/8ed38b930c6ec059e19b7e9c8e6fa8ede639e0.pmd

  35. I tried disabling the trailer pack alone and retain the Peterbilt truck packs, but it did not help 🙁 No jobs yet… Had to disable all 3 mod files to get the job back 🙁 Disabled all 3 files now…

  36. Spyderco_!2

    Do bad that they didn’t leave the original sound,

  37. OK: first of all, I don’t think this is the 351 Peterbilt! it’s the 281 – made in the 1950’s (it has a “rounded” bonnet; the 351 has the “square” bonnet. This truck was used in Steven Spielberg’s first movie Duel when he was only 18 years old!
    The trailer pack disables all job market offers if you have Jazzycat’s trailer mod installed, and since you cannot use this truck without the trailer it becomes prety usefull to me.

    1. “The Peterbilt 281/351 was a line of tractor unit built by Peterbilt that ran from 1954 until 1976. The 281 series had a single drive axle, the 351 two”

      Also, the truck works fine without the trailer pack.

  38. when i try to open the part 2 of file, 7zip tells me it can’t open it. reason is i want to make the engine brake louder/change it. because currently the Detroit Diesel engine brake sounds like just wind. how can i do this?

  39. kriechbaum

    i am doing a sound mod Cummins 275 for this truck, it’s not finished yet, when i’ll have time, i’ll finish then publish it.

    1. kriechbaum

      Of course the gear change will not be the same 😉

      1. Wow, sounds great kriechbaum. Is there anyway you could implement the noise of the gear lever moving when you shift gears like in this video?

  40. kriechbaum

    it is what i am doing now 🙂

    1. kriechbaum

      Updated video, added gear sound, and jake brake powaaaaaaaa

      1. Morgenrot

        “This video is unavailable”…

  41. @dr_jaymz

    great mod, one of the best´s truck mod around here, my complements to the creators

  42. I’m also having the white bonnet problem. Probably wrong shader in the .mat file which i could fix if i had access to the second zip file.

    No need to lock mods people, I never locked any of mine.

    Otherwise, love it with kriechbaums sound mod

  43. Excellent job. Really love this truck 10/10 only thing missing is some custom lights, like reverse and brake lights for the back of the cabine and a cool sun visor other than that it’s an amazing truck, thank you 🙂

  44. it would be great if it had a right hand drive for both interiors to…
    maybe a idea for the next update on this truck ?

  45. Steve_the_trucker

    This’ll be brilliant on the American Truck Simulator when it comes out, thank you Kriechbaum, excellent sound mod.

  46. truck preview update:

  47. i want a rusty skin for this truck :'(

  48. can u make a smokey and the bandit truck with a c15 cat 13 speed with 800 hp with a third tag axle behind the sleeper for heavy haul.. or just a heavy haul pete

  49. all in all, my most favorite mod! about 85% of the mods out there have some sort of issue. I can not find a single issue with this mod. there is a couple things i would like to have seen (more tuning options) like radiant beacon lights, but other than that im gonna have to say. this is my all time favorite mod! it is just amazing!

  50. I like it. I don’t like locked content, mind, but hey.

    Just 3 gripes:

    1) The sleeper cabin is achieved by altering the interior which is kind of an odd way to do it, would be nice if it was a separate cabin as with other trucks.

    2) The 359 interior animation moves one of the gearsticks in response to engine revs. Very unrealistic and unnecessary, please remove it. In fact I think the shift levers shown are for a twin splitter box, which is not offered (I do have shifter config files which include something close to a working 18-speed twin splitter, BTW)

    3) The speedo and tachometer on the 351 interior are total rubbish, read way out.

    Also suspect axle ratios are wrong for the 18 speed, you have very high gearing due to the extra-large wheels. This is something I worked on quite carefully, getting credible gear ratios based on actual data. An authentic 351/359 would be pretty low geared by modern standards, in general – trucks in the 50s didn’t have big power and would typically max out around 50 mph.

  51. Joshua Peterson

    Can you guys make the Peterbilt 281 from Duel? With the appropriate trailer, sound, options etc and please? thanks.

  52. Installed the mod, edited my profile in order to check the mod’s box but the truck does not appear in the DAF dealer.

  53. Truck does not appear in any DAF dealer. Mod is check in profile.

  54. i need 1000hp engine for peterbilt 351

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