Peterbilt 351 v 5.0


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Peterbilt 351 V5.0 edited by H.Trucker [1.24.x]

Based on the model Peterbilt 351 by JAWA

Adapted for the 1.24.x game version


– Buy in any Volvo dealer
– Appears in some quick jobs
– 6 cabin styles to choose
– 2 chassis to choose
– The onboard computer has GPS, touch the “o” letter of the keyboard

What’s New in this version:

1. Adapted to 1.24.x game version
2. Removed old wheels, now the truck has wheels game
3. Compatible with DLC Wheel Tuning Pack
4. Fixed bug in the cabin view
5. Fixed minor bugs from the previous version
6. Deleted truck company UK

Known errors:

– Incorrect front wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/351/truck.pmd
– Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/351/truck.pmd
– Missing wheel accessory removed!

These errors do not affect the game or when driving the truck


Authors: JAWA, Stas556, Smith, dmitry68, Мишанька, Kriechbaum, JujuQcTrucker, Knox_xss
Adapted to v.1.24.x: H.Trucker

!!! Enjoy the game !!!


JAWA, Stas556, Smith, dmitry68, Myshanka, Kriechbaum, Knox_xss, H.Trucker

DOWNLOAD 78 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 78 MB [Uploadfiles]

25 Responses to Peterbilt 351 v 5.0

  1. TSMTeam says:

    Test video for:

  2. Romeo says:

    Error in engine sound……

  3. Alexandar says:

    The truck can not be started!!!

    • H.Trucker says:

      The truck works perfectly in ETS2 1.24 or higher.

      Does not appear when select the truck model in a new game but appears on any Volvo dealer

      • Carma says:

        He’s right, I can’t seem to get the truck to start, when I try to accelerate, all I hear is a weird gas noise, and nothing.

        Am I doing anything wrong?

  4. mu30truck says:

    which map is this

    • H.Trucker says:

      Map?? ?isn´t map is a truck

      • lordmodets2 says:

        I think everyone knows that is a truck mod and it is with the same curiosity that I am to know what the map of the first film, and I know how you are an educated person did not care to answer.

        • H.Trucker says:

          Hi lordmodets2 thanks.
          The videos are not mine, I have not done and I haven’t uploaded it

          The first video I think may be the map of Hungary (Hungary Map v 0.9.28 [1.23]) or some map mod that has cities of Hungary because at the first roundabout there is a sign indicating the direction to Cegléd that is a city in Hungary and then the driver enter in Cegléd, the driver crosses the city and a sign indicating the direction of Szolnok that is also in Hungary

          friendly greetings 🙂

          • lordmodets2 says:

            thank you for your reply, comrade truck driver.

  5. sam says:

    sound is not good

  6. Rodrigo B says:







  7. procef says:

    Ya baje el MOD y si esta en el concesionario VOLVO pero no camina (no rueda). ETS2
    And lower the mod and if in Volvo dealer but does not walk (no wheel). ETS2

    • H.Trucker says:

      Procef pues a mi si me funciona a la perfección con volante Logitech G27, mira a ver la configuración que tengas del volante

      • roothdwTS says:

        Hola, sabe si esta versión cuenta con el sonido de freno de motor, pues la 3.0 que usaba en la 1.22, lo tenia y estaba muy bueno, pero ahora en la 1.24 con esta versión que es la 5.0 , el sonido del freno de motor ya no funciona, pues no logro escucharlo… alguien sabe como se arregla, he visto tutoriales pero cuando voy a modificar los archivos no son iguales, es decir no funcionan igual. Es una las tima pues en la 3.0 el sonido del freno de motor le daba un realismo impresionante… ¿Por favor a alguien también le pasa?, ¿como lo soluciono?

        Un saludo, fans del Peterbilt 😉

    • H.Trucker says:

      Si aún así no funciona puede ser de algún otro mod de camión que tengas en el concesionario Volvo, revisa a ver

  8. Asero says:

    Is this working or not? Very confusing….

  9. Mistraou says:

    @Rodrigo B
    Where could I find the data to fix? Nothing appears in Hex Heditor.
    Thanks in advance.

    • CyrusTheVirus says:

      U must open with blender and modify the wheels definition.

  10. Mistraou says:

    What kind of blender please???

  11. Theosz says:

    TYVM for keep this truck updated H.Trucker.

    when I installed and player like hired trucker I see these kind of messages.

    could you fix it?

    Incorrect front wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/351/truck.pmd
    Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/351/truck.pmd
    Incorrect front wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/351/truck.pmd
    Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/351/truck.pmd
    Incorrect front wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/351/truck.pmd
    Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/351/truck.pmd
    please, fix.

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