Peterbilt 351 v 7.0

– 1 Cabin
– 4 Chassis
– 15 Engines
– 2 Interiors
– 7 Gearboxes

Support for DLC Cabin accessories
Support Official Template Peterbilt 351
Support Continental Wheels Pack

Ea7gign, Stas556, Smith, dmitry68, Kriechbaum, David, Saints


5 thoughts on “Peterbilt 351 v 7.0

  1. ВЫЛЕТАЕТ ! НА 1.26 !

  2. old mod reuploaded from other websites. maybe you should check the game crash when visiting DAF dealer, try without Mack Superliner mod activated.
    so basically the mod isn’t bad, except the game crash due to the lack of Mack rims that this mod is using. so with Mack Superliner mod activated, everything works just fine 😉

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  5. на 1.25 тоже вылетает

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