Peterbilt 379 CAT 3406 sound + fixes


NEW IN V2.0:
-New Start-up sequence (ext and int)
-New Startbad sequence (ext and int)
-New horn (ext and int)
-New gearchange sound (ext and int)
-New reverse signal (ext and int)
-Revised some sound volumes (ext and int)

Improvements of the truck itself (by my friend Kriechbaum)
-New Custom grill (to put it, put the file “” in :
“\vehicle\truck\petruha379\textures”, keep the original one in case
you want it back)
-New shifter knob
-Wood texture above the glovebox

JujuQcTrucker (Sound) and Kriechbaum (fixes)


20 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379 CAT 3406 sound + fixes

  1. ari hayyat

    why to me its still the old dash someone can to help

    1. kriechbaum

      It’s an entire truck friend, did u delete the previous truck mod?

      It must work. Check everything. Bye.

  2. Sorry duds. There are still problems with the blinker and lights on the roof. Sound is good as always. Thamks Huhu & Kriech.


  4. Pay attention to the sound of this engine – Caterpillar 3406E. Think about it. And corrections.

    1. JujuQcTrucker

      Yeah Think about it, close the window and you’ll ear exactly the same sound inside!!!

      We, Kriechbaum and me, are working really hard to try to reprduce that «BROOOAAAAPPP» at low rpm and getting it right, it is really complicated.

      We will get to it!!!

      For now, imagine this one but with the windows up!!


  5. Relax. I’m not talking about your efforts. I know it’s hard to make these sounds. Just ask you to correct the errors.

  6. RockyBalboa

    Hi. There are still problems with the blinker and lights on the roof :((((

  7. kriechbaum

    Yes, for the blinker’s bug, i am not able to fix it, it’s not the kind of modding i do. Sorry for this 🙁

  8. + fixes by JujuQcTrucker

    vote for presdent

  9. how can i remove the sound and insert my own sound

  10. kriechbaum

    I post here the same truck, same sound, but with the grey gauges of the dashboard, and this different winter front.

    1. ari hayyat

      great looking gril 🙂

  11. Hi guys, if I want to put my oversize size on it, how could i do it, im not really a modder so i dont know what to do and what files to change.

  12. Hi, good job for this mod but i have a problem, i haven’t put the file into my game but i still have the new grill with teeth, how can i do to have the original grill ? And what is the role of the, if this file is included into the perterbilt.scs ?

  13. I JUST LOVE IT great Work and finaley somone have removed that ###### appel from the dasbord 😉
    great sound great handling

    onley one thing from me a skin or 2 plz ?

    1. it never had an apple! thats the 389..

  14. has anyone figured out the lights?? the older version didnt have this bug. i have exhausted all the knowledge i have trying to do this. the lights are HORRIBLE flares coming from inside the fenders instead of off the lights and every amber flashes when u turn on left blinker. i feel it must be a simple fix. but i just cant seam to single out the flare files that are crossed.

  15. I install this game and it crashes my game is it because if my patch ? I’m running 1.9.22

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