Peterbilt 379 CAT 3406 Sound mod Final version


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The final version of my CAT 3406 sound mod.



Here is a video of it:

18 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379 CAT 3406 Sound mod Final version

  1. Tyrannix2342

    Super sound and truck:)

  2. ari hayyat

    great sound

  3. very good sound!

  4. This mod includes the truck, or is it just sound?

    1. JujuQcTrucker

      It is all included 😀

      1. Thank you!

    2. with the truck

      1. Thank you!

  5. No physical works on this truck. Mod old physics does not work in 1.9.22.

  6. Only one big issue I have with this mod. When you’re in the cab, and you’re turning, you cannot see out of the driver side window worth a ####. You sit too far back in the cab and when you look left you just see the side of the cab and not out the window the way you need to be able to.

  7. Get your facts right. The mod wasn’t made by Kriechbaum.

    Truck was converted to ETS2 by Conte and Stas556.

    Zolee released several updates for it before he stopped modding ETS2.

    Kriechbaum has done some fixes to some things as well as adding his own CAT C15 sound to it.

    This is JujuQcTrucker’s CAT 3406 SOUND mod final version (after original and latest V2).

    As description says, it is just JujuQcTrucker’s SOUND mod. Although the whole truck is included (as he did with V1 & V2).

    Sounds like you need some ##### yourself, bro.

    1. JujuQcTrucker

      Thank you JA

  8. What truck dealer is it in?

  9. JujuQcTrucker

    Sorry to tell you that you’re totally wrong because this is purely my own work and just so you know Kriechbaum and I are great friends and now we are even partners to make more and more awesome sound mod so if you’re not happy don’t use mine take his but this one is purely mine.

    Get a life or something worthy to live at least before judging people without even having one little proof of what you bring on the table.


  10. jose98857

    perdon mi pregunta boba pero esto sirve para la vercion 1.9.22 y en que concesionario se encuentra 🙂

  11. I cant extract this…

  12. MorelyQC92

    salut JujuQcTrucker J’aime beaucoup ton camion j’aimerais faire mes propres skins aurait tu le pattern UV Mapping stp merci

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