Peterbilt 379 Christmas Edition with trailer

Peterbilt 379 (Christmas edition) and New trailer
Author: ONIXER


27 Responses to Peterbilt 379 Christmas Edition with trailer

  1. sils99 says:


  2. admin says:

    Sulaukei ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. dylanvyvey says:

    now in english?

  4. admin says:

    This guy is very happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jotas says:

    hello only for me or file is corrupt the rar? cant extract it :S

  6. Benny BB says:

    is there anything wrong cuz when i downloaded it i got a faliure message in winrar? and the mod folder was empty

  7. Freddy Jimmink says:

    I believe it is beautifull, but the files are corrupt, so i have to watch the video,


    Freddy Jimmink

  8. Richard says:

    Yea file is currupt

  9. Benny BB says:

    so now the mod is working but i dont get the peterbilt? just the interior?

  10. raul says:

    remplase truck ?

  11. padgeyboy says:

    scanned with malwarebytes and found 1 suspicious program ??????

  12. Martin says:

    where to find their page?

  13. hugh jass says:

    126MB? WTF?

  14. CECI says:

    Who Truck replaces ???

  15. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Must be standing in the readme file, but even that @#%^&#*@ file i cannot open, damn!(Oops, can i say that?)

    If there is someone who has a proper working version, please place download here? Please, please?



    • Benny BB says:

      i managed to donwload the whole thing without getting the error on WINRAR. but i stll just see the interior not the peterbilt outside, just the Iveco. EVERYTHING works. except the truck and trailer

  16. Steve says:

    Installed this truck into my game and I have no Jobs available. Disabled the truck and I have Jobs available ingame. Needs fixing before I drive this truck further.

  17. Geko says:

    no wonder this thing don’t work.

    Especially using that #### flleshare dump …

  18. Gaz says:

    I Agree with Steve..
    the mod does work .. ohh the traller is located away from the truck in the vullage …when you come to the right turn at the bridge …turn left instead ,,there is a green icon on the gps ,,thats where the trailer is,.

    sadly however you Only get to do that one job ,,
    once you deliver the trailer No jobs are availavle in freight jobs Or quick jobs …
    i assume something has been done in the def files that has caused that issue,.

    the truck itself aint too bad ..a few very noticeable model problems
    1. the wing mirrors have indicators below the main mirrors as normal in cab view But small mirrors in external view ..
    so 2 comletely diff files are being used as is needed But they should at least show the same effecr regardless of what camera view you are in..

    2.the exaust stacks…the lower part of the exaust pipe is going through the bodywork ..not a Huge problem ..just needs a bit more work,,,also the stacks heat sheilds could be better ..slotted vent chrome..

    Okay as per usual this mod cant really use any of the paint at the repair center.. it wont apply custom colors ..But you can at least make the truck BLACK ๐Ÿ™‚ it hodes the ugly santa rubbish …
    aswell as the coca cola signs,,,,OR take the models paint hob and do yer own :)..

    interiour is fine BUT you cant use the exclusive interiours ,,,and likewise right handers miss out as the interiour changes to default iveco…

    you wont see any Bullbars or sucj either as tey show up behind the main cab …= Inside the vehicle,,likewise lower bumper mods ,,
    the driver / co driver name plates dont show either ..

    You can change the wheels ..also the roof bars work but it depends on what you select as the way this mpd was made has a ;athe effect on what you can end up using in the repair upgrade shop ..

    otherwise a nice effort as the first USA type truck in teh game…makes a welcome change from all those Cab over engine types..they all look the same after a while…

    at least this shape truck is Distinctive ..

    Well done indeed ONIXER
    the mod needs more work ..but so far i like what you have done ,, just the game needs to be fixed so we can get more contracts ๐Ÿ™‚

    ohh any channes of loosing ALL that yellow looking lights on most edges of the truck ?
    looks damn weird

  19. JimmpaKnight says:

    Is there anyone more then me that this file is corupt?
    I really want this truck and if anyone can/or knows a new link with this truck please send it to me! And if someone have a solution on how to open and install the file please send me a message to. Thanx!

  20. kasper says:

    is corrupt, and itยดs not working

  21. Gaz says:

    if its corrupted you need to download again ,,,try the alternate download dite …

    anyway this mod still needs TONS of work on it ..
    rushed out for xmas …and it shows …

  22. Gaz says:

    for those having probs installing this mod…

    IF the file is corrupt ..most likely caused by paket data loss in the download.

    obviously try again ..the secondary alternate link is where i got mine,,

    Okay Install time..
    this mod is NOT compatible with a lot of stuff …

    1.. go to Your documents / eurotrucksim 2 folder

    2.. REMOVE mods / music / profile folders and SAVE somewhere else ” like a temp folder on the desktop ”

    3. extract the Three folders from the mod in to Documents / eurotrucksim 2 folder …

    4.. start game and you will see one profile called OLEG continue and there is your truck ..

    the trailer is NOT attached,,,,you follow the gps ..once you get to that little poznan town
    the gps shows a sharp right turn ,,,you turn left…ignore the gps ,,drive to the green icon Thats where the trailer is ,,,,Attach and continue as a normal job ..

    THATS ALL ,,,,no more work ๐Ÿ™

    you can still drive the truck around But that gets old very fast…

    once you have had enough… simply DELETE those three folders
    and replace with your three folders that you saved
    all sorted ,,,

    so consider this a DEMO W.I.P version ? at least ya get to drive something thats different ..

  23. koboyz says:

    what does this replaceS?

  24. ONIXER says:

    Everybody! i know how to get the english version, first just go to quick job and upper price then go to the 2nd or 3rd page, THANK YOU if this doesnt work check weather u have installed the mod or come and reply to my post


  25. Gaz says:

    Cheers for posting a reply here ONIXER,

    i have No idea what you mean by ” you know how to get the english version ?? …the readme in the mod was in english …simply put the scs File in the mods folder..” BETTER still REMOVE all other mods first ” i tried it both ways ….and the only way this mod WILL work is if you put it in a Clean mod folder ..

    ???? check if we have the mod installed ?? LOL mate that sounds a bit silly really …of COURSE the mod would be installed otherwise how would i know about the issues with the mod ..

    the problem is once the mod is installed it Removes ALL the jobs,
    i have pressed ALL those price / distance / ALL the buttons in both quick jobs and freight jobs.
    no matter what i press No other jobs are available..and there is NO page 2 or 3 of jobs just one blank page in freight and the same in quick jobs..

    the only job i can do is collect the trailer where you left it and complete that job ..once that is done thats it ,,,all i can do then is drive the truck around in free roam ..

    if you don’t mind me asking …what version of the game was this mod created for ? i know it works as a truck in the latest patched version of the game ,,,& also how come you Locked the file ?

    surely if you had left that open someone by now would have been able ” possibly ” to get the jobs boards back working with this mod,,,
    which by the way is a copy of a VERY old Hauling mod ..the thing is IDENTICAL including the lights all around the truck & trailer …which would be Much better without that imho..

    & @ Koboyz …this truck & trailer mod replaces the basic iveco truck in the game.

  26. Geko says:

    may aswell give it away Gaz, this lemon aint ever gonna work,

    bad converts from older games normaly dont

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