Peterbilt 379 Final


Added new lights, new texture, improving the lot of minor bugs.

Thanks Conte and Stas556 to let the patch!

Update: Zolee, model: Conte and Stas556


50 Responses to Peterbilt 379 Final

  1. Baba says:

    very good job

    thanksz for update and sharing

  2. Bernie says:

    A real final. Thank you.

  3. Uwe says:

    Download is not working

  4. PallMall says:

    little prob

    right indicator – all orange light on the top and left indicator turns on !

    can you fix this ?

    • Brian Earl Spilner says:

      For me, right indicator works fine.

      But if I use left indicator (<–), front right indicator and lights on top of truck also flash.

  5. simon melkert says:

    And the lights on de sides are not included

  6. BERKUT-UA says:

    Мод очень хороший!всё работает чётко.СПАСИБО.

  7. Tech-E says:

    Can you make it less shiny pls ?

  8. maxheat says:

    I would crash, because I have Peterbilt 389 …… please help me!

  9. Ank To says:

    I love it ! Thank you

  10. gneisneau says:

    It crashes when Peterbilt 389 is already installed

    • james says:

      If you want to use the new truck deactivate the old truck and activate the new one by labeling them differently in saves,This takes it out of the dealership. But keep track of which 379 goes to which save by labeling with duplicated starting names in the activated file and the saves. If the crash continues you may have to remove the old file to a temporary hold file of your choice. Sometimes mod conflict even though they are not active in the profile.

  11. skiner says:

    Nice truck dudes.But in conflict with some tuning accessories. It would be great to add blue or red lights.

  12. Ianwigan says:

    zoelee have you a template so i can create skin for my own personal use and do i need a password for the dds file the empty one in paintjob the truck is great only one small thing i dont like is the cb mic wire but all in all very good truck 100% ian

  13. HorkayZolee says:

    In the following, I will not do more to deal with this model, in fact, completely shut down the ETS2. Has already deleted all files! We have published the last update that we can delete everything. The model can be edited, of course I asked permission! Have fun and good editing for everyone! The may be achieved. I hereby quit!

    • Brian Earl Spilner says:

      Thankyou Zolee for your hard work on this truck, you did a great job fixing it up. Exterior looks much more realistic now.

      This truck works fine alongside KW W900 LONG & T660 (all from MAN dealer).

  14. Panka says:

    A little error: def/vehicle/truck_desktop/man.sii

    accessories[13]: _nameless.172D.ECE0
    accessories[13]: _nameless.bumper

  15. RockyBalboa says:

    Nice Truck, but when I use the left turn signal operates alarm. Correct please. Thank you

  16. RockyBalboa says:

    If you do not want to fix, write how to do it yourself.

  17. JujuQcTrucker says:

    Very nice and needed update!!

    PETE 379 ALL THE WAY!!!

  18. HorkayZolee says:

    Thank you! The log.txt does not show any errors when I tested it! I suppose there is some other mod conflict. If anyone would like to continue to edit the model, feel free! As I have indicated, I stopped editing! I passed to another project, not ETS2!

  19. skiner says:

    Zolee, this is a awesome truck. Thank you for your efforts.

  20. skiner says:

    Can someone make a skin of this for K100? Thanks in advance.

  21. RockyBalboa says:

    Right indicator works fine, but if I use left indicator <–, front right indicator and lights on top of truck also flash.Who can fix it? How to fix yourself?

  22. jake says:

    Nice work but, in my case, this mod brings a crash when it is activated with peterbilt 389 2.0(by stas & dmitry):(
    If you have the solution, pls let me know….

  23. jon waits says:

    could someone make a tmc trucking skin for this truck

  24. kriechbaum says:

    I found why it does not work with the 389. I’ am working on it right now.

    It will work great with the 389 soon 😉

    • gneisneau says:

      Ah mon sauveur !
      Merci par avance !!!

      Great news !
      Many thanks for your help on this matter

  25. skiner says:

    Thanks. Do you have any idea how to make a skin for K100? Or maybe for W900b long.

  26. Mark says:

    Can someone just tell me who can build me a mod or just modify one for 18wos plzz all I want is a kenworth sar with an 8v92 but I want it built my way so can someone plzz help me out cheers

  27. kriechbaum says:

    Humm sorry for this, u have to ask to Dmitry68 or Stas for the templates. I do not have them.

  28. Mark says:

    From 18wos not for

  29. skiner says:

    How do I ask them? Do you have a contact e-mail or something? Sorry.

  30. kriechbaum says:

    on youtube, search for : stas556

    You will find the channel of Stas, you can send him a PM. Translate it in russian, it’s better hahahahahhahhahaha.

    See u ;=)

  31. skiner says:

    OK, thanks.

    • MorelyQC92 says:

      Hi skiner, mate i know you made some beautifull skin for the 379 and i wonder if you can get me the template so i can make my own too please 🙂 thanks

  32. Jon Waits says:

    kriechbaum could you make a tmc trucking skin for this?

  33. Artam says:

    Thx man.

  34. jose says:

    friends could create skins for these trucks? thanks

  35. pablo says:

    Please report bugs to the developer of the project on youtube, not here.

  36. Human says:

    Where I found this truck and how about that is standalone or not

  37. Johnny Barrett says:

    I’ve tried and tried and I can not seem to get that download of the Peterbilt 379 Final if any one can help I would appreciate it a lot. my email is

  38. jon says:

    could someone make an tmc trucking skin for me pls.
    dont know how or i would

  39. Jay says:

    What dealer is it at?

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