Peterbilt 379 + Interior


Authors: Oleg_Conte, Stas556


28 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379 + Interior

  1. wiktor922

    Link for map pls 🙂

  2. Tasmanian_Devils_Bro

    looks great, just a few minor faults, specialy 1 huge in the pricerange, only 13.000euro, even a wreck will cost this price, finetune this…

  3. Excellent. And all that with 53 MB.

  4. great, it’s a stand alone or just replace another MAN truck?

  5. 17 MB for that truck? never.

    1. Noob-Eater

      I don’t like you

  6. Came crash

    1. Because you ####!

    2. MasterTruck

      easy solution: remove your bad mods

  7. Master peace.

  8. stass 556 the best trucks

  9. Love this truck:)

  10. Wheals bearing on the ground.

  11. IGGEntertainment

    Good mod, not sure if just me or not, but when you get to the higher RPM’s the sound becomes wayy louder than they should be. Anyway, everything else is fine great mod!

  12. Nice truck indeed. Just a heads up. If you are like me and don’t like seeing non-European trucks in traffic, this mod is not for you. Truck will show up in traffic. A bit worse since you also can’t modify the paint, so every truck has the same yellow and grey paint.

  13. Anonymous

    nice truck, works fine

  14. Где выхлоп?

  15. Great man ! At last an American tractor unit that looks like there’s 800+K on the odo…Run across the States too many times or toolin round the mines in the far north, Aussie. Driving perspective is spot on, your looking that truckie goin the other way in the eye, not up his nostril (-:

  16. RoadTrain

    which dealer does this truck show up at ?. as I have every large and small dealers brands But the truck does not appear in Any of them..
    is it only available from a specific city ? if s which city can you buy this truck at ?…


    1. hey TBob, I bought it at München (Munich) in southern Germany. It’s a large MAN dealer (indoor).

    2. Available from Man dealerships. First time I put it in my mod folder I wasn’t paying attention and put their extracted folder in the mod folder, duh… Just make certain its a scs file your bungin in there (-:

  17. barns 2010

    great mod download it took it for a spin handles very good nice touches on dash board and eagle on bonnet
    some body else bin trying to make this mod in the past
    never got it right but you got it right can you add some more upgrades to it

  18. RoadTrain

    Cheers JA ….found it @ the Munchen MAN dealer …
    and thanks Greaser it was installed correctly… I didn’t realise it was Only available at the munchen dealer ….

    pity there are no decent accessory options But at least that wing thing can be removed :)…so I thank the authors for that small mercy .

    would be great to see a pete that could have accessories fitted like the unfinished but still VERY useable Alightis KW900L

    cheers for a #### decent peterbilt rig .. At least this one is a step in the right direction..
    many thanks for this ….


  19. Jag England

    Thankyou so much for this great truck!!
    Only thing I don’t like are the standard engines and gearboxes (I changed gearboxes already) and the fact you cannot paint it.

    Jag England

  20. Yes, very nice truckmod ,drive on the russia express 3.0 without Problems , it is a crusing Maschine..
    is it possibel to make a bord computer ad on ?,please

  21. best truck ive downloaded in a long time, superb work and details 🙂

  22. The truck is really good. No errors work just fine. More of that it can be see in trafic too. Congratulation and many thanks for autors.
    Hope in near future some engines a little powerfull.

  23. great mod i really like it. dislike the engine sound at high rpm and hate that i cannot paint it. i dig the grungy look.. but what about when you want to clean it up?

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