Peterbilt 379 skin v.4, truck, C15 sound V.2


Thanks dmitry68, Stas556 and Zolee for a truck. And Kriechbaum for new
C15 sound V.2.



12 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379 skin v.4, truck, C15 sound V.2

  1. ari hayyat

    great work

  2. can you make this with smoke coming from exhaust pls

  3. skinner it was simple question my friend i have a template ok i put skin to template ok i save as dds or save as scs in ets studio what make of truck do i skin in ets 2 to make the skin then for this truck and after that i rename files but where in the scs for peterbilt do i put them please just say simpley not that i need the template i already have it and ive done 100s fo skins before no problem and i do skins for folk im really want to do one for the 379 for a young lad who as been ill of late my friend so i can give you mail if you can send a instruction as i know you may not be from uk friend cheers is any help I have the template i just need to know scs or dds ? and which folder to put in

  4. My friend, give me your email or Skype user name.

  5. who

  6. @ skinner

    A very big Wish :
    is it possible for you to make a \Confederate-Staate\-skin for this truck ?

    This would be so great!

  7. [email protected] thats my email skiner cheers my friend

  8. Very grateful skiner and if you need help somtime let me know like say can do skins myself but some how this im stuck on cheers my friend and beers on me lol

  9. Kalash156

    That is an awesome looking skin for a beautiful truck! Nice work!


  11. iceracer23

    Why is it so hard to download these mods, i can never figure it out. I click download on a mod, but then it downloads a whole bunch of other programs that i have not a clue why it does that. any help?

  12. can someone fix it for 1.13?

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