Peterbilt 379 Update v1.1


1) Upgrade the wheels, now do not fall into the ground + added wheels
2) Altered shade under tracks.
3) Glass outside in now seen (mats taken from Versetti)
4) Adjust the speedometer and replacing sound taken from the author

Authors: Conte, Stas556


21 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379 Update v1.1

  1. Silvio Zampa

    Best leave the original …

  2. aussietrucker82

    this truck only shows up in quick jobs

  3. Thank you.

  4. Hi Aussie trucker ..I thought that too wityh the previous version…

    what you do is use the MAN dealer at MUNCHEN ( munich ) in Germany that is where you can purchase this rig..

    hope that helps

  5. also is there any chance of this rig rolling out with a DECENT paintjob ? say a CLASSIC peterbilt paintjob..

    as nice as this rig is,,, it look’s pretty #### rusty and neglected …

    if not no problem…


  6. good job but

    reflect windscreen in the interior so much ?

    and I miss the roof spoiler

  7. Very good work ! I love this model!

    Please i want to retire two things on the truck : the big eagle on the bonnet and the flags in the cabin (interior).

    What must i do? Must i delete things in files ?

    Thx for your help. Have a good day.

  8. Good Mod.

    You can make a 8×4 Chassis?

  9. still need to sort out the camera angle on inside. cant see the drivers mirror

  10. o would like to see more skins on it.. not that low res rusty looking thing 😛 and i also want a bigger template so i can reskin it without low res!

  11. The mod is very good. But I got an issue… after installing this version seens the road and also the hood got white… I mean clearly or brightnes.
    But it just happens in the internal cam. all other outside cams works 100%.
    Sorry bad english.
    Brazilians love this site.

  12. Volvodriver

    hey guys thanks for this fantastic mod it looks excellent and it drives super! also the sound is just fantastic!! i use it as my starter truck since i lost my account (dont ask how to embarrasing:D) love to see this project developes even better.

    if i may suggest i would love to see some old school american paintjobs you know? and some more beacons maybe the rims from the w900 can be converted to. dont forget guys like you keeps the game alive! thanks for that

  13. Thx for Stas556 and Conte.

    This cool truck has some problemas that I wanna share with you both, to everyone see him better and better:

    IMPORTANT: Viewing [DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2game.log.txt] we can see the reasons for various lags and problems.

    Outdated formats is one of the reasons, especially when we have installed traffic mods.

    This truck has many, many, many warnings/errors in this file: [snd] Failed to bind, file not found!…

    IMPORTANT: These errors happens to anothers trucks that you both had created like K100, W900… so, I needed to uninstall them too.

    There a lot of other problems with this truck as I said, plz see it, has some wishes too

    Thx. I hope I have helped them

    Plz update this truck and anothers, mainly

    My short setup:
    a) Win7 x64
    1) ETS 2 v1.7.1s (Steam – Always update automatically)
    2) DLC Going East!

    :- Profile basic without mods (I have a profile without mods just for tests)

  14. harpiadriver

    Realmente truck muito legal mas esá com erros , desinstalei por causa destes erros , ainda nem o comprei na loja MAN , só fiz uma entrewga com ele. Por favor consertem os erros dele !!

  15. I love this truck, the only problem i seem to see, currently, is the fact that it’s under-scale, quite a bit actually, it needs to be a bit bigger than the Scania, being about 11′ 9″, the Pete is 12′ 10″
    If it’s possible to upscale, even at this point, it’d be great!

    1. Volvodriver

      truck has fine scale with american trailers

      1. The 53FT Great Dane i have in-game hangs off the sides like crazy, so as far as i know, unless I’m doing something wrong, it’s a bit off scale

        1. This model sleeper isn’t as tall as a trailer like a Great Dane reefer. That’s why the modders included the roof spoiler option.

  16. Volvodriver

    oh and last thing to all users who also have the K100 and the W900 put the rims from the W900 under the pete bit small wheels but looks #### fine i drive with american trailer wow that looks amazing!

  17. I love this truck much but there are many small bugs.

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