Peterbilt 379 v1.1

Author: Onixer


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  1. cold says:

    not woooooooooooooooooork

  2. viper21 says:

    not working!

  3. kasper says:

    i agree it not work its crash the game

  4. raul says:

    remplace truck ?

  5. Gaz says:

    🙂 at least those lame looking lights are gone so thats a step in the right direction.

    ( raul it replces the basic Iveco truck )

    anyway it still needs a fair bit of work ,,the rear tyres are way to close to the fenders as they comr thru it sometimess ..
    the read acel is now lifted in the air ??

    BUT 🙂 at least the jobs boards are back working in this version,,

    so your getting closer ONIXER.. looks better than that xmas version..

    FOR those saying this crashed there game and it wont load ect ..TRY this …have a completely NEW mod folder NO mods at ALL apart frrom this mod ..
    and try it then,,

    it does work just needs a bit more work on it is all…

  6. Gaz says:

    #### typos…i meant the Rear Axel is lifted of the ground ..the truck behaves like a 4×2 instead of a 6×4

  7. Trucker says:

    It works, you are just stupid to put it in game
    It works in game but the game crashes each time I see that truck.

    • Gaz says:

      hey Trucker , look closely at what You posted …you Dumb arse ..

      hahahah ……

  8. JimmpaKnight says:

    It works just fine for me but some work needs to be done. For example the steering wheel doesn’t move when im turning and the dash board doesn’t work either. So some fixes and then the mod is just Perfect! thanx.

    • Bernie says:

      You have only to change the interior to the simple one. Then dashboard and steering wheel work.

  9. KASE94 says:

    ok there is some things you need to fix.

    1. Rain effects on the front window
    2. Fix the the wheels are to close the fenders
    3. make a new sound to it, straight pipe or so (if you want)
    4. Fix the mod with the lights etc

  10. R3actor says:

    Well the mod works, needs some more fixing,

    windscreen wipers in external view poke thru top of visor / roof when they are working

    that is VERY minor as the wipers do nothing effective anyway.

    the truck is still modeled from the back meaning everything in front of the sleeper cab is added on ,..
    technically the truck is turning from the sleeper cab.

    try adding bumper or bullbars you will see what i mean ,,even the name plates you can add in the cab are behind the invisible driver ….well he’s not really invisible he’s in the sleeper cab driving from there.

    this mod is progressing bit by bit… Well done ONIXER for trying …
    with a bit more work this truck would be quite good

    Ohh yes the front bumper is too wide ir does Not stick out past the wheel arches ….and if so nowhere near as much as that ..needs a little taken off the width …

  11. PeteLover says:

    Loving this mod so far.. I had to sell all my trucks (70) and redo my entire mod folder to get everything working right.. but for this truck.. it was worth it..
    I did notice I can’t run any light upgrades or it somehow overrides my ‘no speed limit’ mod. So I can’t do XENON etc lights.

    few ideas for improving it bud:

    – make the chrome more real
    – add some extra light mods for front, roof, tanks etc.
    – make some different frame lengths when you pick 6 x 2/ 4×2 versions
    – different size pipes would be sweet 6″, 7″, 8″ pipes.
    – better horn sound would be cool

    thats about it really.. other than that.. liking it so far. GREAT MOD MAN!! WELL DONE!!

  12. ELRIC says:

    Hello ONIXER.

    you need to contact ,, NEWS ..the modder that made the STAX concept scania truck mod.

    and ask for some advice on how to get your converted
    from 18 wos haulin mod to work as a complete stand alone mod truck.

    as leaving it as an iveco replacement is Not really the way to do it ..But adding it as an Extra iveco truck could be done even though its a peterbilt,

    the peterbilt is a 6×4 and therefore it should not even show up in the game as a 6×2 or 4×2 chassis ..which it does depending on the players skill level Or current chassis used on an iveco truck

    there was no need to add this to the AI vehicles Sii file/s as yet. untill the mod was properly working as it also shows wrong chassis configs on those, unless the AI iveco truck is a 6×4 chassis ..

    still well done for attempting quite a difficult process.

    you also may wish to carefully look at All your interior and exterior veiws that can be used on Any vehicle,,
    as you have forgetten the rear look back view from inside the cab ..the rear of the sleeper cab is invisible as you forgot to add that into that views data …

    otyher mebers here have already pointed out other problem areas like roof lights / bullbars . and such like,

    All the best with version 1.2

  13. Don says:

    Please, give me code. Or delete, or remove it from traffic. And then there is no individuality

  14. Mitchell says:

    What truck does it replace?

  15. ELRIC says:

    @ Mitchell,

    you gotta be kidding right ?.

  16. Mitchell says:

    @ELRIC No, I had to restart my whole game and don’t know where the truck dealers are or what ones so I wanted to know what it replaced

  17. RubberDuck says:

    cool mod,but Bumper is too wide,please fix it. and make sounds for this modification
    and make other cars like:


  18. Renegade says:

    well from whats written above i hope the person doing this mod has more success with the next version,

    just hope the steering is fixed in any possible future release as version 1.1 was way to slow to respond in the steering..

  19. RubberDuck says:

    please convert those rims for this mod, picture link down

    wheels link down

    please make those rims for this mod

  20. Kent says:

    hello, it wont work, and i try’d everything thats writen over, and my game crashes when I see it..
    the mod is super cool, i really want this truck mod to work..
    and if you guy’s say it’s cuse I’m stupid, so bee it, it won’t work in my game..
    I have cleard out my mods folder, so its fresh, but the game crashes, sombody that can help me here??

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