Peterbilt 379 v4


I’m back!
Fixed index, several visual errors, black indicators, enhanced sounds smoke, such improved lightmask, now 13-speed gearbox, plus reversing headlamp tow hooks – currently only visual – Fixed some is Collision bug, and even a few things. Tested 1.15.1. Some things are still under “development”!
ps. scs file locked, MAN dealer!

Thanks Conte and Stas556 to let the patch!

Update: zolee, model: Conte and Stas556


26 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379 v4

  1. how do I find this truck?

    1. At the Man Dealer, plz read the description b4 commenting.

  2. TheRustyRagdoll

    Its not compatible with 14.02 on steam, when i go to the MAN dealer the game crashes.

    1. old video … version 1.13

  3. work with 1.14?? crash my game when I get into the Man dealer!

  4. Melichov_SU

    New_Video V Game 1.15

    1. HorkayZolee

      Thanks for the video!

  5. zolee my friend, when i try to drive this truck there is no changes in this truck, like the colour from the body, and this chasis from truck still too high. this truck very diferent with Peterbilt 379EXHD_Stas556, i think the chasis Peterbilt 379EXHD_Stas556 is almost real…but thank my friend for update Peterbilt 379 v4.

    1. HorkayZolee

      This is not a reconstruction of the Peterbilt 379EXHD Stas556 is a former Peterbilt 379. But it is also the work of Conte and Stas556.

  6. Nefertiti

    The 10_speed_ret.sii gearbox will cause conflicts with the KW W900 LONG mod as it is named

    “accessory_transmission_data : 10_speed_r.long.transmission”

    Rename it to to:

    “accessory_transmission_data : 10_speed_r.petruha379.transmission”

    Don’t lock your mods if you’re going to make basic mistakes like this.

    1. HorkayZolee

      Thanks for the comment!
      The mod closed, because it someone had been published on other sites, leaving the authors, and as indicated on your own! I indicated that w * f, and they sent me to the …

  7. exhaust smoke works not ,but the mod is great…thank you

    1. Exhaust smoke shows in truck customization screen billowing out from under the truck but doesn’t show in-game at all.

      Is it working for others? What game version? Is there a part I must buy or something?

      1. HorkayZolee

        Yes working! No need to buy anything, the smoke must constantly to be!

        1. перенесите его в АТС пожалуйста

  8. Hi nice truck I downloaded it and using it but I found that when you want to add marker lights I go to click on to add marker lights and there is nothing there

  9. i have old version
    can i update it?

  10. No of fence but I like the Peterbilt 379EXHD is better for me

  11. Redneck50

    Won’t let me change motors, crashes game if I try to pick larger motor than original one.

  12. Like the truck a lot! A few minor tweaks would make it better but it is great as is.

    How do you set it up for a 6 position H-shifter? I am missing gears when I set it up using the splitter.

    Goes L,1,2,4,5,7,8,9,12,12. Splitter doesn’t work in higher gears.

    1. I was able to set the gearbox up to get L through 11. I haven’t figured out a way to setup a splitter to get 12 and 13 (although with the stock motor, you don’t need them because this truck is gutless).

      I’m using Fanatec GT2 wheel, 6-speed shifter and csr pedals.

  13. VERSION OF GAME: 1.62S

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