Peterbilt 379EXHD Stas556


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Test Patch 1.14.2

Stas556, Mishanka, Fox071rus, dmitry68, Kriechbaum, Pink Floyd, knox_xss



63 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379EXHD Stas556

  1. kriechbaum

    it comes with 3 engines sounds.
    New Caterpillar C15, Cummins ISX, and Cummins 444.

    Here is a video with the new Cat


    1. MidniteTrain

      You sure are the master of your trade.

      1. Totally agree. 😉

    2. Hi kriechbaum,

      i get a error from the sounds:

      00:02:40.083 : [ds8] Buffer size: 224612 [0x80070057]
      00:02:40.083 : [ds8] 3D sources require mono sound data! [0x80070057]
      00:02:40.084 : [ds8] Error creating sound buffer [0x80070057]
      00:02:40.084 : [ds8] Source data format: 2 channels, 16 bits, 44100 Hz

      Is this my fault or is this a sound error?

    3. Please give the password for part 2 of the mod. Want to change headlight and taillight effects for private use.

  2. Nestor Motta (ChernobylBoar)

    You use a Graphic Mod?

  3. Fulltilt503

    Amazing truck, outstanding sounds. Great addition to the American fleet.

    Here’s a quick showcase video of the tuning options and engine sounds for the 444 and C15 series engines.

  4. MorelyQC92

    really nice truck is it possible to make a 4 axle for heavy duty like that and with full fenders thanks you so much that a nice truck!

  5. Awesome truck. Well done guys. I’d like to make a few skins if you give us some templates. Thank you all.

  6. Great truck.
    But the GPS is out of place IMO.

    One bug I noticed, the small left mirror freezes from time to time.

  7. ShuqGrind

    How about Ford CL9000 cabover truck? It will be nice if added to ETS2.

  8. nice truck but could you make it that you don’t sit so close to the wheel thanks

    1. hey hit f4 three times seat adjustment if your updated to the right patch

      1. thanks Jacob

  9. has this modmaker also possibly the Kenworth W 900 L

  10. Nefertiti

    Good to see these guys giving a bit of credit (in picture at least) to those who actually build the trucks they convert!

  11. BanditGamingHD
  12. Architect

    Great truck from maestro Kriechbaum! I would like you make Freightliner Argosy truck:)

    1. kriechbaum

      Hello, no i just made sounds on it 😉

      trucks has been made by Stas556, Mishanka, Fox071rus, dmitry68.

      1. Nefertiti

        *converted by

        1. kriechbaum

          Yes Nefertiti 😉

  13. Aaaand it’s impossible to skin.. Thanks authors…

  14. Great job! Excellent ! Love there is no:

    1. Rugs around the windshield.
    2. No apples and flies.

    Keep it up!

  15. Nestor Motta (ChernobylBoar)

    The wipers move with interior of the truck, is this normal? Very good your work and thanks for sharing with us. Just a detail: This truck is so beautiful, could share equipments with Peterbilt 389 by maxxx2504 for more tunning options. Again, thank you for your beautiful work!

  16. Great job ! Thanks for this truck.

    Will u ad some tuning parts in the future?

  17. Architect

    Sorry, ###### me:) Off course, thanks to all authors.

  18. apferreira truckman

    impressive, although not used in the game but looks very interesting and it seems the film is much lighter than peterbilt models have around, which virtually prevents you from walking, this seems to be well done about it, congratulations work.

  19. MorelyQC92

    hi ,does anyone know where i can contact Stas556 please:)?

      1. MorelyQC92

        thanks but i only talk french and lilte bit english not russe or wtv so i dont know where click to message him verry sorry for my english haha

        1. MorelyQC92

          i try to find a good moders french for help me lol

    1. Я читаю Ваши комментарии здесь. Рад что многим наша работа понравилась. Спасибо kriechbaum за звуки!

      1. MorelyQC92

        Stas556 привет, я хочу знать, с кем поговорить, чтобы предложить улучшения в этой грузовика спасибо вам и всей команде за этот великий труд!

        1. Обновления пока не планируется, заняты другими моделями.

          1. MorelyQC92

            ой ладно это позор только один я могу установить его без проблем, я действительно надеюсь, что в один прекрасный день вы будете принимать это спасибо и улучшенную грузовик.

      2. kriechbaum

        Happy you like those sounds.

        Pleasure is for me, thanks to have this beautiful truck. it’s a huge of work !!!

        Hope you will continue this way.

        See you.

        1. kriechbaum hi, or any one who can help i a trying to put the america2 R-wheels from the kenworth k100 truckmod onto the greatdane trailer with no luck, i new to modding soo thing lil about my skill, which aint much lol. much thx n good work.

      3. Wolfpack99

        Привет stas556 , вы знаете, если будет Kenworth грузовик в ближайшем будущем ? я действительно наслаждаюсь своим грузовики и надеемся увидеть больше .

  20. peterbilt359fan!!!

    is it a tri axel because im still downloading it?

  21. Robertcarrizal

    where was hell for dealership location

  22. Great mod,keep this one as is, less bells and whistles than the 389,so there’s no lag on my pc. Spend most of the game in the cab, so who needs the Christmas Tree decrements anyhow (?)

  23. Danroliveira

    It´s the best American truck I have see and drive, the sound, interior, the gearbox.
    But have one bug, the left mirror, the small mirror don´t work very good, can you repair the problem?
    Thanks from Portugal.
    Best regard

  24. David Otto

    has any of you guys been able to find out how to work the TV

    1. kriechbaum

      Yes, turn on the truck, then press many times “i” key of your keyboard. it will start 😉

    2. way i know how to change the video in the tv??

  25. Грузовик выше всяких похвал!!!Как писалось выше,ни яблок,ни мух))!!!Степенный,солидный,классный грузовик!!!
    Спасибо ребятам за отличную работу!!!

  26. Dear kriechbaum hello!appeal to you with a question .. is it possible to make a sound?

  27. Stas556 здравствуйте..все время хотел вам задать один вопросик если можно).вы планируйте сделать Kenworth w900l но не длинную версию а стандартную

  28. MorelyQC92

    hi,who made the engine cummins 600 hp ?


    THANK YOU Kriechbaum and whoever helped for a very, very Good mod. Job well done.

    I give all hope that you’ll continue making awesome trucks like this.


  30. Architect

    The great moderators must be get paid for that work)

  31. Architect

    Does anybody knows will there be a Freightliner Argosy truck in American Truck Simulator?

  32. Redneck50

    Can you put this in game and keep the 389 in there too?

  33. where do I get this in game, what dealer.

  34. David Otto

    Alright here you guys the mod review is finally here with the most desire mod that we have reviewed so far. I am proud to introduce the 1999 Peterbilt 379 EXHD. Well enough talk enjoy the review and make sure to check out our blog

  35. Hi

    Awesome mod!! Really the best US truck so far. Could you please just fix the left small hood mirror freeze and the head and tail light flare. Please default lights to ETS2 lights.

    Everything else is outstanding work.

  36. DerpleNerple2000

    While I LOVE the mod, I see some room for improvement. For one, the GPS is ‘merged’ into a switch on the bottom right of the dashboard. Two, Id like more powerful engines. While this thing goes about 85MPH (Im ‘merican’), Id like it to go faster! Just some suggestions but its still a wonderful mod and plan to use it for a long time!

  37. How can I delete the truck from the traffic? I’m driving it but I don’t wanna see it on the road AI

  38. need to change interior mirror and i need new american low deck trucks

  39. James Gray

    What dealership will I find this truck??????

  40. eric richtofen

    amazing job, just have a request/ suggestion, i would love to see an old detroit diesel that would be really bad ### them two strokes are nasty 😉

  41. Left Front Mirror Freezes alot when bright to dark light. has to rener on the mirror. another great possiable future for next update should include what gear ur currently on… overall 9 – 10 on my rating scale.

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