Peterbilt 386 Deluxe Edition


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Peterbilt 386 Deluxe Edition 1 19 1 18

Series: 6×4
Power: 750 VC 2015
Gearbox: 18 Speed Road Ranger
Version: 2015 Edition
American Truck Simulator



8 thoughts on “Peterbilt 386 Deluxe Edition

  1. а в каком салоне он покупается ???? он мне симпатизирует

    1. Ивеко если не ошибаюсь

  2. а в каком салоне он покупается ????

  3. stolen mod……from another thief loooool your are pathetic

  4. AlexCrazy

    another fake :))
    mod from late 2013, not updated

  5. Всё запароленное достоёно только CTRL+SHIFT+DEL

    1. Faelandaea

      Not for long. Already unpacked it with SCSUnlock 🙂

      I’ll fix this mess of errors and try to contact the original devs to see if i can get permission to publish any fixes. Even if I don’t find them, though – at least we can fix her up for ourselves.

      Uploader . . . try giving credit to the proper people for once.

  6. juggernaut122

    your pathetic this mod is stolen, come up with your own creation

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