Peterbilt 386 + Interior v1.0


Test on version
Replace Iveco !

Author: by_rus47tam


23 Responses to Peterbilt 386 + Interior v1.0

  1. Julien says:

    Great truck! I like it

    Could you make a variant of this truck with this type of cab and with the exhaust on the side instead of on the rear of the cab:

    • Julien says:

      oh I forgot to say, there is a little bug/glitch with the mirrors, you know when you press F2 to get the “virtual” mirrors, the problem is that the ones that we see are the wide-angles and not the one on the sides of the truck.

  2. sergej says:

    автору цены нет, лучшие моды американских грузовиков молодец и спасибо но я видел на видео ещё piterbild 579 и cascadia, они есть или они ещё будут?

  3. Ramin says:

    Anything different?

  4. kriechbaum says:

    I’ll probably release soon a sound mod for it, Cat, Paccar or Cummins they sound the same way.

    Have a look here :

    • Uxot says:

      Awesome …wish those trucks had perfect 1:1 ratio with G27..guess ill wait for ATS!

    • AD23 says:

      Thats the biggest joke iv ever heard!!

  5. paul hodgson says:

    I like these trucks but no one will make them so i can had extra lights bull bars and light bars and also need skins for them if they was a scania or volvo ect they would all come with extras.

  6. ETS_Cobra says:

    Nice truck and TY Kriechbaum we sure could use one of your sound mods with this truck.

  7. Peter says:

    This looks pretty good. Is there a camera mod to change the view to make it more realistic? Can’t see over the dash?

  8. snake20082 says:

    whats the password??? Why lock this thing with Volvo engines? I want to tinker with this mod for myself

  9. snake20082 says:

    nevermind I figured it out

  10. DanTheMan says:

    How can I find this truck in-game? Not sure where it could be.

  11. DanTheMan says:

    Never mind I got it too, but what’s the pass to edit it?

  12. Snake says:

    Sorry man I won’t tell you how I got into it. I don’t want to start arguing with modders and what not but google a way around and you’ll get it there’s a tool 😉

  13. snake20082 says:

    If only the board computer was a little larger or took the place of the GPS thats all I ask no idea how to do it myself 🙁

  14. derp says:

    I have version but it doesn’t show in the Iveco showroom!! please help

  15. josh says:

    is there any way possible that somebody can make a version of this with the stock steering wheel??

  16. Myles says:

    What truck dealership is it at?

  17. Hank Hill says:

    Can you add a chrome bumper and mirrors?

  18. ted hegner says:

    IT DOSE NOT WORK ON 1.18!!!!

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