Peterbilt 386 update


YouTube preview

Separate slot in Iveco
Cabin with Navigator
Sound Peterbilt
Contains multiple skins
Registered in traffic
Fixed bugs
Added manifest

Tested on version 1.21 – 1.22

SCS software, rus47tam. Handling vovangt4


11 thoughts on “Peterbilt 386 update

  1. sound is still crappy?……nope nuh uh

  2. RhastalordTV
  3. Good upgrade, but make it with cab DLC where is co-drivers and other things 😀

  4. The mod is locked. What is the pass? I want to edit the sounds.

  5. that steering wheel is old style-looking,because this truck is modern and should have other,like in 387,anyway ATS wil have awesome trucks,and bye bye these mods…

  6. Dont like it, it’s missing the backing up sound.

  7. not much of an update that i can see still as blue around the windows and under wheel arches the only update i can see is that its been made to work on latest update and a few skins its a shame since its a nice looking truck just needs work

  8. Aventador

    it’s the same old file nothing changed you #####

  9. Haweky Trucker

    Video of Peterbilt 386 Update 1 22 Patch HD 1080p:

  10. bollocks2U

    yet another #### mod lol

  11. please update work for 1.27!

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