Peterbilt 387 [1.22]


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Peterbilt 387 [1.22]
Dealer – MAN.
For more information:
What was done:
– External model perezapechena. Edited color closer to the drain. Replaced texture headlights, grille, etc .;
– Added to their rims;
– Added three chassis variants differing position the seat (for those who like to carry outsized and so on.);
– In PPC “EATON FULLER RTLO-20913A” Gear changed names to those that are written on real plates EF (PPC did not touch the rest);
– The interior is made from scratch, baked;
– Scale devices are made from scratch, based on real instruments 387 th (it made the “old” scale is installed on earlier models);
– Animation made from scratch (in “animations.sui” added three-speed wipers, default is medium).
– Write your board computer, a parody of the Cat Messenger Display;
– Indication of the selected gear lever style displays Eaton Fuller AutoShift;
– Added a lot of external tuning.
Weeds, and deficiencies:

– In the archive with template;
– G27 users in the archive is preset “gearbox_range_splitter.Sii” for relno position gearshift lever 13-speed “EATON FULLER RTLO-20913A”.

Гоша Мотор, Dmitry68, Kirilloid22, Ch_Vitalik


34 thoughts on “Peterbilt 387 [1.22]

  1. pl_tv_software

    Video review HD:
    Tested on 1.22 s

  2. Finnaly I got 1.22 version and this is the most best Peterbilt 389. It has got everything what I wanted! Thank you so much!
    My rating

  3. Angyalfoldi

    Good job.

  4. Amazing and thank you for sharing this, will try it out today 🙂 Will be joyful to use untill we get the ATS^^

  5. thanks very much for sharing 🙂 I’d be happy to download. I’m currently downloading all American trucks so that I am ready for the ATS release lol have a happy new year

  6. Architect

    I think many players waited specially for 387 Pete for so long! Thank’s to authors, great job!

  7. Karina-Moskva

    Very nice !

  8. David A King

    Very nice job. One glaring thing I noticed that is minor unless you are running the game on a large screen tv is the gauges reflect everything. You may not notice it as much on regular computer screen. Might want to knock some of the reflective down on these a bit. Good rendition of the Pete 387 though. Will work very well in ATS.

  9. I will agree with David, it will be a good deal, when purged of redness at the bottom grill, and also if the communication station does not fly like bees inside the cabin. You need to fix the stability of trucks not to swing it like a wave. besides do not take what he has already had a, which is the GPS on the dashboard.



    Waited very long for an update of this truck and finally it is here.

    THANKS. Keep on modding.

  11. How do you fix the missing mat on bottom grill, it’s all red…?

  12. Buddy,please make this truck to version 1.21!I beg you! I have this truck is reflected,but as soon as I move into the cockpit of the comp hangs.Probably graphics textures salon too “heavy”,so the image and freezes?

  13. Дружище пожалуйста, сделай этот грузовик для версии 1.21.Я тебя умоляю! У меня этот грузовик отражается,но как только я перехожу в кабину комп зависает.Наверное графические текстуры салона слишком “тяжелые”,поэтому изображение и зависает?У меня v_1.21 игры.

  14. Doktor_Psix

    Обзор на русском!

  15. Doktor_Psix

    Обзор на Русском

  16. Futuredj123

    How do you get the big gps

  17. Hello,

    Thank’s for that!
    but i have no testure on Lobar,it’s just “Red”…
    Anyway,i love this truck!

  18. Gosh!Motor

    Hi to all. This mod will be updateted next one-two weeks, some fixes and other staff. Check out the link in the description of my youtube video. It is the only “official” page of my mod.

  19. 7EliteLegend96

    does anyone know how to add the in-game license plates to the truck instead of the russian one ?

  20. works on 1.21.1 as well

  21. Excellent mod with only one issue. The long air release sound at random times doesn’t make sense. Should really only hear that when releasing the parking brake.

    1. David A King

      I agree with Mike. Here in America if I had a truck doing that it would be in the shop trying to find the air leak. Been driving it awhile and have noticed some of the same bugs. However overall a really good mod and again thanks to all modders who work on these trucks, maps etc.

      1. kriechbaum

        It’s not a “bug” just the game hasn t any function for the parking brake air sound ! it just plays the air brakes sound files by random. This is annoying yes, but it’s like that. The only solution is to remove a long air brake sound and put a short one instead.

        1. Either way, its doing it at the wrong time.

  22. JR@EwingOil

    After testing this mod, I have the following conclusions. The reflections inside throw me off a bit, and the Exhaust Brake doesn’t make any sound. Good Points are many, mostly being the sound of the engines and the modelling work with exception of the lower bumper bars and the Jake Brake light on the Warning Light panel is a nice touch. I was a real life trucker in the US for four years, so I know my American rigs pretty well. Total Score: 7.5 of 10. Hopefully the Exhaust Brake can be fixed in the next update. Good Work!

  23. Ben Dover

    Please fix the ###### download link that does not work

    Thanks in advance

  24. Will this work on Version 1.21.X?

    I’m just wondering, can someone get back to me on this ASAP.

    THANKS!! 🙂

  25. Smooth gameplay video (G27 and manual transmission), plus the sound mod. Awesome truck.

  26. It’s the most beautiful truck but always crashes and lags the game. Takes forever to l had to remove it.

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