Peterbilt 387 Cummins engine sound


Hi all,

I adapted my cummins engine sound for the Peterbilt 387. It works fine
on it.

Also, i corrected the speedometer, now it’s accurate. I added a
760hps, 3800 Nm torque engine for those who wants more power for heavy

That truck can be bought in Man shops. Be sure to buy the mirrors
options, to have them working properly.

The truck isn’t from me. I am just the author of the engine’s sound,
the modifications on the speedometer and the 760 hps engine.

It’s an ALL IN ONE, truck and sound are already together and ready to
use. Just put that mod in your folder, and you will have ALL ready to



34 Responses to Peterbilt 387 Cummins engine sound

  1. hodgson61paul says:

    Nice mod all thats needed now is some addons ie bull bars lights and skin.

  2. james says:

    This 387 runs like a deere as they say but it would be a real boost to have an optional 18 speed to go with it. The mirrors worked with no problem but no mirror options available.
    Now someone needs to add the addons as a seperate mod to go with all the Kenworths and Peterbilts that are driving around these days.
    How about a Volvo and Freightliner or two, My garage has plenty of Kenworths and Peterbilts,and room for plenty more. Great work and keep em commin.

  3. Ramin says:

    What Dealer?

  4. carl says:

    can someone help me. when peterbilt 387 mod instead. is my handlebars higher. probably comes because of KENWORTH W900L. a solution for please

    • james says:

      It seems to only happen to the peterbilt when you reload a save file using the peterbilt trucks. It doesn’t happen with the other types. It seems to raise the seat position about a foot higher in the cab but the exterior is ok. In some trucks I have observed the stock steering wheel located below the bottom of the truck when it occurs. It may be because the truck view is so much higher than the stock european trucks that are used for design. That is why finding a good version is so difficult, because the modders don’t run them thru a real set of save and reloads, but just put them on sites right or wrong. Maybe Freddy Jimmink may know or maybe a modder who knows,why will see this comment.

    • kriechbaum says:

      Hi, yes i think it’s a conflict with the W900.

      I kicked it out (the W900) i prefer the 387 who has a realistic interior.

      i also use the 389, the K100, the W900A, and they works together really fine.

      See u.

  5. Uxot says:

    im so sad with this truck and the G27 the wheel doesnt turn correctly like with the G27… works correctly with default trucks..

  6. james says:

    The largest available because generics don’t work on these trucks don\ know why. shure would be nice. But then simmers would put jet engines on them.haha

  7. kriechbaum says:

    Uxot. That can be solved by editing a def file. i’ll have a look on it today. see u.

  8. Redfield93 says:

    Is that the truck comes with the mod?

  9. scott Burr says:

    How do you buy this truck in the MAN dealer it hasent come up in mine?

  10. Sib3rius says:

    Nice sound, goes well with the truck. However the one thing that I think should be swapped out would be the jake brake, you don’t hear that on newer truck models such as the 387, they sound different due to the way the truck is built. Other than that, nice mod!

  11. Arclight says:

    11-10-13, Sun

    Why do both left and right mirrors show a truck? Cannot use the mirrors because the truck image is locked in the mirror.

    I purchased the only mirror option available.

  12. Arclight says:

    I reloaded the truck and purchased the only mirror option. I parked the truck in my garage and now both mirrors show a rain-gray sky.

    I drove it a few blocks and mirrors never displayed any vehicles or objects–just the locked gray-rain sky.

    What is happening?


    • StoneC0ld says:

      I had that… Updated ETS2 to the latest 1.8.2 patch, now they all show pitch black nothingness… I may have to just give up on this truck….

  13. Brooke says:

    hi can anyone make me a engine sound file for scania or new Volvo that’s has the sound of a stock 6.0 Powerstroke or straight pipe 7.3 for either truck I would do it but don’t no how to make sound mods?

  14. marty says:

    can you please make this sound also for the Peterbilt 386 ?


  15. brooke says:

    sound quit working???

  16. R says:

    Love the truck, except for one HUGE problem. When driving the truck on 1.9, I see NO AI trucks. None at all, of any manufacturer. Anyone else have this issue or find a workaround?

  17. KALEI808 says:

    Hi, im having a slight problem unless you removed it but, im wanting that jake brake sound you have in the video. For some reason ingame i dont have it. Anyone ran into the same problem? Also my turbo whistle isnt nearly as loud?

  18. Fulltilt503 says:

    Video of truck with American trailers working in 1.13:

  19. Ipgaxx says:

    Still works on game 1.16 🙂 i just tryed it.

  20. Drei says:

    all this truck needs now is come exhaust smoke from the stack.

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