Peterbilt 387 Custom v.1.1


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This is modified version of Peterbilt 387 by Ch_Vitalik. In this version you will find corrected geometry, baked and remaped textures. Now textures match template, that is included in mod. Sound of this truck is gathered from different trucks, but sounds good.
Added some tuning. Engines and transmissions are from Freightliner Coronado. I made it for myself, but decided to share, so please don’t ask me to modify or change something in this mod. I have some plans about updating it later, but since it was made in Blender, I don’t think that it would be something special.

I have received all permissions on all objects and elements of the mod, as well as permission to distribute. Distribution of this mod for all resources is encouraged, but please provided the authors in the comments to it.

Fixed errors and updated to v.1.21-1.22

Conversion in the GTS, and then in the ETS 2, interior trim, tuning – Ch_Vitalik Additional tuning, model, textures, and sound improvement – Kirilloid22 Engines, transmissions and some tuning elements – Dmitry68 Engine sounds – Kriechbaum


20 thoughts on “Peterbilt 387 Custom v.1.1

  1. Its not in any of the dealers

  2. David A King

    Which dealer is this found in, that information is not found in read me file or description. As I have many trucks would like this info so can put it in mod manager so as to not conflict with other trucks.

  3. Nimeni.Altu

    the view from inside is very white and SHINY … like burned….
    JUST LOOK FOR YOURSELF….. outside and inside….
    outside and inside….. outside and inside….. YOU WILL NOTICE THE BIG DIFFERENCE….. its really UGLY… in rest the mod is good

  4. can you please make A video on youtube on how to make or modified
    american truck special with blender tool please

  5. ####, she glides. Thank you very much.

  6. zootechnique

    Hello just to tell you that the Peterbilt mods, it does not turn with 70 tons and 100 tons. but I like the mods. he is fine. Good job.

    1080p 60fps + Nvidia Inspector for great details.

  8. mr leinad

    could you add teh accessories spaces in the interior !! if you could it would be awesome to customize the interior !! 🙂

  9. Ken Bedard

    I wish the Peterbilt 387 Truck had a better Cat engine sound.

  10. Сергей

    Очень хороший грузовик, но есть одно но – 18-ти ступенчатая коробка в реале имеет 16 передач, 13-ти ступенчатая – 12. Остальные еще не проверял.

  11. Сергей

    Very good truck, but it has a minus – 18-speed transmission in real has 16 speeds and 13-speed transmission has only 12 speeds. Another transmissions I didn’t check yet.

  12. Seriously, that cannot be sound from Kriechbaum! That sound is so bad, im sorry, but it’s true. If you look at some of the old mods with this truck and sound from Kriechbaum for them, that is so much better than this. The 600+HP engines sounds like some electrick car lol!! I hope someone can give a better sound for this soon.

  13. P o o c h. 379

    Can someone tell me how to fix the seat adjustment?

    If you don’t touch it and leave as is then you’re fne.

    Try putting the seat back or higher and it drops and cannot be moved up to where it was at default. In face cannot even get default back.

  14. sortudo game

    Vídeo de compra do Peterbilt 387

  15. bueno el mods

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