Peterbilt 387 Indian Eagle


Note: Choose color White, for the right result,

Authors: SCS, AdeA Reis, Mik63i, Evrey
Skin by Freddy Jimmink

Don’t place it whitout Credits, if You do so, then judgement will follow!


12 Responses to Peterbilt 387 Indian Eagle

  1. Bart van Ham says:

    Wow… judgement will follow?

    I feel that people should respect eachothers work. But people need to start understanding that putting a mod, crappy or good, on a website does not mean that they are legally protected. If another website copies your link, they are not doing anything illegal. On the contrary, take it as a compliment.

    Please, don’t take this hobby too serious or you will ruin it for everyone.

  2. Freddy Jimmink says:

    If i place something i give credits and that is my point: Give credits if You place!

    You will have credist fr Your work don’t You?

    BTW Thanks You like it,



  3. Mak-Kyver says:

    it is a shame that people have to apply for respect for the work that others have done .. if you do not publish authors, it is stealing, so why not be published authors???? especially when there is nothing to lose .. Rather, it is praised .. I blamed myself BartvanHam stealing when I did not know he got permission to do the edition .. of course, I was wrong and I apologized accusation! However, respect other people’s work!

    PS I know that many will read this and think bad about me, but I think many are doing a great job and I appreciate it! if i can do something my self .. ill do it, but if someone else made ​​it, I appreciate it

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      Very well written Mak i couldn’t done it better
      You apologize and that is very, very brave! I wish more people should do this in public,

      And Your PS don’t worry about who people think about You, do the things Your way and everything will be okay,

      And now back to our hobby, happy driving all,



  4. rubberduck says:

    Great Work its not running under version 1.25.1

  5. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Yes it is Rubbeduck,but it does the same as the other Pete 387, You only can buy it in Han(g)over and it replaces the 1 next to the door on the right orso, choose color white and i hope it will appear, i self have

    Let me know please?



  6. torben says:

    this is one cool mod i hope for some tunnings like beacon and bullbars hehe it whould make this the best mod on this website

  7. torben says:

    a tiny review on this baby:
    it drives perfectly, it handles great on the roads the trailers fit perfect. camera view is vhery good but it does not work with camera mods in the modfolder.
    windshield wiper does not have an effect on rain on the window that is a downsite the dashboard is in miles thats cool but most peterbilt 387’s do have a digital computer that shows temperatures cruise controle speeds and fuel level witsh this one doesent but thats cool with me makes this truck look like an old school rig.
    paintjob is awsome interior/cab look is cool can see the sleeper area in the back a big plus from me.
    blinkers does not show on dashboard a downsite but can see them in mirrors and hear them.
    just a few things like the windshield wipers blinker and some tunnings like beacon and bullbars and this baby is perfect.

    ALL HAIL TO THE MAKER of this rig

  8. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Thank You Torben i am glad i made the paintjob, and i agree it is a BEAUTY! And i hope there will come a 2.0 version of it, i’m not a modder i’m a skinner,



  9. jennenz says:

    Nice work this time!!;)
    But you write this…”Don’t place it whitout Credits, if You do so, then judgement will follow!”… OMG you really write this???XD;)

  10. viper21 says:

    only the wipers don’t work!!!!!!!!!!! FIXED!!

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