Peterbilt 387 NEW

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Replace MAN Truck
Tested Version 1.3.1

Authors: Rus47tam, AU44


22 thoughts on “Peterbilt 387 NEW

  1. really nice truck, and i’ve not had any glitches so far which is awesome. My only gripe is the 400 litre fuel tank, any chance you can up to 800 or 900 litres?

    1. dosent work in 4.1 crashes after 10 minutes

    2. abdulrahman

      how do you download it

  2. raulonchon

    and shadows?

  3. have a smal problem with this truck i cant see out the front window the dashboard is to high up why is that and how do i fix it?

    1. Do you have also the Kenworth W900L in your game, sell it and drop it. Then the problem is fixed. So is it in my game.

  4. About time i like this truck but i stopped driving it because the window wipers didn’t work. Thanks for fixing it.

  5. thx man it worked the kenworth w900 is good but a big to long this one is good to drive

  6. Great Truck Man
    You got it right, not a glitch.
    No problems in console.
    The Truck works perfect.
    Looking forward to whatever ya add, or more Trucks!!!

  7. Awesome truck! May I please have the password? Want to change the wheels for private use only.

  8. David King

    Absolutely a fantastic truck. As much as I like the others this is the best so far. Loved the Kenworth900 but it is just too big.

  9. jonatan persson

    If possible it would be nice to get the password, i want to make a skin for this one, private use only,

    And awsome work man! 😀

  10. I know how to edit engines but for the people who dont you should add a engine around 1000 – 1500 BHP as an option its more fun do drive slightly more powerful trucks.

  11. hey can i have the scs password to change dealers

  12. daniel parker

    What truck does this replace?

  13. do i just buy it in the man truck store 😀


    1. abdulrahman

      yes you do

  14. any help i am sat very low in the truck like just underneath the steering wheel please help

  15. Every Time i use it I go to the man dealer and my game crashes and freezes my comp.

    1. What game version are you using and do you have any other mods running?

  16. lauri forsman


    can i get password/template
    so i can make skin for private use only


  17. how do you download

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