Peterbilt 387 v1.12


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12 thoughts on “Peterbilt 387 v1.12

  1. TruckerGirl

    Just checked out this truck… Seemed ok when in the garage, but as soon as I took it for a spin, the road and textures changed… Outside view it is fine, but from the cab it changes the terrain… Not like 🙁

    1. where is it located in the game? iveco, daf, etc?

      1. AmericanFlag Peterbilt

        Volvo dealer

  2. What’s new??

  3. where do i find it?

  4. ????????

    .scs is from 05/2014!!! (ETS2 v1.12 was launched 08/2014)

    I already have another one from 08/2014 (?!?!?!?!)

    1. JimmyJoJr

      Theosz, most people update their mods and drag the new content into the existing .scs file.

      As such the creation date will show as the original date, but the content inside may be far newer.

      The best part about doing it this way (if using 7zip) is that it will add the files in deflate mode which keeps file sizes much lower.

      A good example of this is Promods main scs file. Because they drag it into the open scs in 7zip, it uses deflate meaning the file size is around 440mb. If they created a new scs file they would have to use store which would mean the file size is closer to 1gb.

      Hope that helps you understand why an scs file may give a contrary date.

  5. Patryjota123123


    1. Its not exactly a car though…
      Is it so hard to just search through all the dealers?…

  6. AmericanFlagPeterbilt

    Can you please make one for Version 1.13.3?

  7. Fulltilt503

    Video of truck and sound mod working in 1.13:

  8. very nice truck,good work!!do you have any interest to make a transformers:age of extinction Optimus Prime truck?if you do it ,that would be a surpris for many players!

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