Changes in 1.3 of 23.05.21

General changes:
Adaptation of light, materials and models for the version of the game 1.40, as far as it was possible;
A slightly adjusted template for all cabins and added to the template changed a set of 50 gloves from Muhabzzz (only Sleeper cabin, comes with a separate archive);
Added the second set of rear lights (Dot Line Styled series) with red light, in addition to orange;
Added red variant of LED overall lights;
Added slots to the kenguryatnik for fastening custom license plates, etc.;
Adaptation of accessories in the cabin for DLC Goodyear Tyres Pack;
Adaptation of traffic lights and stroboscopes from DLC Special Transport for ETS2;
Added PPP stickers Eaton Fuller on the instrument panel and implemented through a separate accessory change gear shift circuits on the PPC handle when selecting various gearbox models;
Added side skirts on chassis with daycab cabin;
Added a fairing option without top for the daycab cabin;
Added custom texture posters for SISL Mega Pack;
Other minor edits model and regulations.

known shortcomings:
Unfortunately, to correct the error of the author’s version, I had to sacrifice the animation of the adjustable steering column (it was made using the technology of skeletal animation, and the game completely refused to correctly perceive the changed in the field). If someday in the future someone can restore it gently – honor him and praise! See also folder “! For modders!” In the archive with the mod.

Bugs that remain Not fixed due to game engine restrictions:
For the option of white mudguards with LEDs, it is impossible to do physics due to the incorrect operation of LEDs on accessories;
DAYCAB cabin does not see the back of the chassis from the cabin;
In the version for Euro Truck Simulator 2, the right capotic mirror is incorrectly operating, a separate fix is ​​provided;
The light of flashing beacons mounted on the side brackets on the cabin, night breaks through the trim in the salon. The only correction option see shutdown in the settings of the game of additional lighting;
From the version of the game 1.37, the stickers on the side windows cannot be made animated and removable at the same time. However, it is possible to put them by replacing the textures;
From the version of the game 1.40, the day is not visible light in the cabin (included on the [O] button);
From the version of the game 1.40, the overall lights on the Farah Projection are not lightmas;
With the version of the game 1.40, the reflections on painted and some glass parts are not ideal;
The remaining unnoticed various unknown small bugs of textures / models are possible.

Ch_Vitalik is an external model.
Kirilloid22 – refinement of the external model, external tuning, sounds, textures, refinement of the bortovik.
Dmitry68 – engines, gearbox.
Gosha Motor – interior, alteration of textures of an external model, tuning, wheels, animation (completely new).
Solaris36 – US and Canada license plate models.
vitalik062 – a set of registration license plates of different countries of Europe.
il_86 – update the mod to the current version of the game, bug fixes, revision.


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