Peterbilt 389 Black Interior


Black Interior For Peterbilt 389 Truck
Tested 1.22 game version



10 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Black Interior

  1. Love the interior it works great for PeterBilt 389


    it also killed the diplays on SCS trucks and modded trucks
    (they remain black or they have the display from PeterBilt and doesnt matter where i place this file in modmanager)

    so… if you can fix that problem then you made a super cool interior for PeterBilt 389 😉

  2. also this appears in my log (log has no errors except this so i am sure it is from your mod :

    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘rain_braking_difficulty’ of unit ‘.phdata’ (of type ‘physics_data’).
    Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘snow_braking_difficulty’ of unit ‘.phdata’ (of type ‘physics_data’).

    And a lot more errors/warnings what gives conflicts with Scania RJL R/Streamline and T and Volvo FH16 2012/2013 Ohaha

    Look at my gamelog (click the link below) and see for yourself :(the log is error/warning free as soon as I pull out your mod)

    Hope you can find a solution to solve it so we arent pressured by using this mod for PeterBilt 389 to only have PeterBilt 389 as only truck in modlist, if you want it to be succes fix the errors so people(like me) can use it without conflict to other trucks cause most do have several modded trucks and this mod doesnt work well when it comes to interior/display of those modded trucks.

    Thx and hope for fixed version 😉

      1. Thank you but it keeps saying after clicking download that there is no file 🙁
        So for now I can not download it, perhaps later it will work

        1. ok after waiting for about an hour i finally managed to download it

  3. Pochemu tak temno iz kabini? Kak sdelat svetle? Jarkost po polnoy.

  4. The gamelog i posten via pastebin after the updated version enabled in modmanager its still the same errors…

    Still looking great but the errors are still around and messing up my other trucks displays 🙁

  5. traveller

    чтоб ошибок не было, нужно удалить из архива папки def и ui

    перевод блять

    that mistakes weren’t, it is necessary to remove from archive of the def and ui folder

  6. thx traveller that solved my problem 🙂

  7. traveller

    Tasja, рад помочь =)

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