Peterbilt 389 Final Version


test on Version 1.7.1
Replace Iveco !

Author: Rus47tam


17 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Final Version

  1. А выхлоп есть?

  2. Changelog?

  3. Ne rabotaet ! error

  4. Thank you for this cool truck…but

    There are still a lot of and others messages in game.log.txt!!!

    Seems that something is heavy and slow, including G27 – same old problem


    If anyone wants to make sure that newly installed mod is working ..[r-e-a-l-l-y].. well in your pc, just open the file game.log.txt viewing Documents|Euro Truck Simulator 2| folder, we can see the reasons for various lags and problems.

    Everyone expect that all modders keep view/analise this file before ends the development of the mod, of course. Nobody wish create/play a mod with errors – serius in this case

    The reasons for those lags, incompatibilities, delay… that degrading game performance, can be analysed and sent to the creator of the mod, thus the developer can help everyone to solve the problem 😉

    Please, see game.log.txt, some wishes/request in

    Plz update this mod and anothers, mainly

    Thx. I hope I have helped them

    My short setup:
    a) Win7 x64
    1) ETS 2 v1.7.1s (Steam – Always update automatically)
    2) DLC Going East!

    :- Profile basic without mods (I have a profile without mods just for tests)

  5. kriechbaum

    Really a beautiful truck.

    Good job !!

  6. barns2010

    its a great looking truck i have a high spec comp and but soon as i tried your mod slowed game play alot of lag the other versions of the truck the rusty looking ones worked perfectly and more animation in that mod than this im not getting at you

  7. kriechbaum

    I just gave it a try, and i had to re-do everything i did with the previous mod i made before.

    The tachometer is still crazy.

    The engine’s sound is ####.

    I don’t know what’s new in that version.

  8. TheOddOne

    Can some1 tell me how to insall mod? Cuz i put it in mod folder but still i cant find the truck anywhere in the game? HELP!!

    1. anon1010010011

      Hi TheOddOne – when you start up your game and come to the profile selection screen – click the edit button on your profile and select the mods you wish to add on the right side.

  9. n’oublie pas d’activer le mod dans ton profil et ensuite d’après ce qui est dit sur la présentation du mod tu le trouveras chez iveco. enjoy^^

  10. Chrisknowseverything

    I hope theres a western star being made soon not a fav truck but never seen one so far

    1. This isn’t Santa’s wishlist.

  11. aussietrucker82

    the rpm gauge doesn’t work properly

  12. Mine crashes when I buy online after I finished editing it

  13. Chrash müll

  14. Deputydawg

    In order to buy the truck without it crashing, don’t customize it until after you have purchased it otherwise it will crash.

  15. where do u bye it from

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