Peterbilt 389 Hot Road Rigs Skin


Hot Road Rigs skin for Peterbilt Modified v1.9, 1.10 beta by Viper2 and v2.0 by AMT. For all types of cabs.
Please keep original link and credits.
Enjoy in the ride!

Author: Skiner


3 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Hot Road Rigs Skin

  1. hi iwas wondering if i could email you a picture of a skin i would like you to make , i love all your skins i make videos using them and im buying my own truck in a few months and was wondering if you could make a skin of my paint job idea , its nothing crazy

  2. You can send me a picture on the mail [email protected]. But I don’t promise anything until I see the same. Thank you for understanding.

    1. i emailed you

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