Peterbilt 389 + Interior + Sound v2.0


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Builder by Ivan (Haulin)
Import ATS/GTS and building : Kenworth58(2)
GTS import: Iljaxas
Parts : Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric,
Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt,
Wheels: VENTYRES©Ventures87 and Ivan
Convert to ETS 2: “dmitry68”, “Stas556”
Sound: Kriechbaum


48 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 + Interior + Sound v2.0

  1. paul hodgson

    Hi i got to say good job you have done with this truck and would like to ask is it posible could you do something with the kenworth k100 aerodyne like remove the guy with the laptop and remove the drivers arms and just bring it upto date it it another classic truck i like hope you can help with this thanks keep up the good work

    1. Jag England

      You can do it like I did:
      Take the 2.2 version and add Kriechbaum’s sounds – then you have the perfect K100.

      Jag England

  2. Whats changed on this one apart from the sound?

    1. kriechbaum

      The sound has not been changed. However my new cummins (V2) still works on it. By default you have my old cummins, and another sound mod by Stas and Dmitry that comes by separate mod in the same archive.

      Here’s the changelog according to google traductions :

      Changelog (google traduction from russian to english) :
      Update 2.0:
      1. Corrected glass view from the cabin (bleykovali white light).
      2. Corrected chrome on the track and in the cabin (night light).
      3. Remove the shine from the cab.
      4. Apple changed the shade and slightly increased (hung in the air).
      5. Now all the bells and whistles available to it at level 1.
      6. Corrected mirrors (now seen the trailer and the rear wheels).
      7. Corrected cage driving on vneshke.

      Also, to remove the fly animation, delete this line :


      Save and close the .sii file (don’t need to unzip the truck)


  3. да но руки и парень с ноутбуком всё ещё там и это всё портит

  4. @first I have kill the fly….


  5. MartasZLA

    Hi, this is a fly kill or otherwise remove?

  6. kriechbaum

    to remove the fly animation, delete this line :


    Save and close the .sii file (don’t need to unzip the truck)


    1. MartasZLA

      I do not know how to do it. Please could you do it?

  7. love the truck guys …. the steering is awsome… u guys should fix the steering on aightis kenworth that is my second favorite truck mod… it was my first now ur truck is awsome…. just needs more torque to pull the hills going to praha was slow … great job… thanks alot..

  8. BARNS2010

    if you want to remove fly and apple from dash you have to use z modeler or blender and edit anim file
    but only try this if you no what you are doing

  9. BARNS2010

    ivan is it possible to make smoke only when engine is running instead of all the time

    1. If it will succeed you, will get complete respect.:)

  10. Wonderful truck, but the FPS with it is totally horrible for me… Sadly.

    Gonna throw it out again.
    But well, it’s mostly because of all the chrome and so on, and my reflections are on high.

    Whatever, perfect work, and that fly xD Funny 😉

  11. RubyEagle

    Thanks so much. A brilliant mod. This is the best rig yet for ETS2. Makes it like a whole new game. The detail and finish are just amazing. Brilliant work! Thanks again!

  12. Amei, perfeito o melhor que eu olhei. 🙂

  13. Tolle Arbeit

    Ein sehr guter LKW.Tolles Aussehen sehr gut animiert.
    Viele Details,sogar der Auspuff qualmt.Soweit auch
    Fehlerfrei,bis auf diese Meldung.01:49:05.147 : [resource_task] Can not allocate temporary buffer for ‘/vehicle/truck/peter_389/truck.pmg’.
    01:49:05.164 : [model] Model geometry ‘/vehicle/truck/peter_389/truck.pmg’ is malformed.
    01:49:05.181 : [ld] failed to read /vehicle/truck/peter_389/truck.pmg /mfg.belo

    1. It happens at shortages of memory. To restart.

  14. RubyEagle

    Noticed the smoke bellowing from the smokestacks when building my rig. Just amazing, great work.

  15. Chrisknowseverything

    I hope there many more american truck mods with these many things u can add and do i hope theres many more trucks like dis [frightliner cascadia] if it can be made please.

  16. This truck is the first to exhaust smoke from the stacks,needs a little more development, but being the first to bellow smoke is truely an achievement. The 18 wheeler collection is growing by leaps and bounds. Between the add-ons for these trucks and getting the sounds right has not been an easy task, and much development still ahead for this unstoppable game. Its getting harder to have a favorite truck when new ones show up in the dealers daily.With all the Peterbilts arriving, someone needs to develop a add-on store for them with many more choices, like flashing lights and frame setups. Extremely great job developers you get a 10 out of 10 stars from me and the fly gets 5. Thanks again

    1. Shut the hell up. Just respect the work without the useless comments about how it needs development.

      1. RubyEagle

        I believe he meant that there will continue to be more and more development (new trucks, maps, mods etc.) for this sim. He didn’t mean that this truck needs more development. It is just perfect!

  17. gneisneau

    This truck is really awesome.
    I love the job you’ve made.
    And the smoke is a very good idea
    Many thanks

  18. Charlesc83

    00:01:04.256 : [resource_task] Can not load ‘/vehicle/truck/peter_389/truck.pmg’.
    00:01:04.256 : [model] Model geometry ‘/vehicle/truck/peter_389/truck.pmg’ is malformed.
    00:01:04.282 : [ld] failed to read /vehicle/truck/peter_389/truck.pmg

    And i have 8 gigs of ram. im gonna test around with it a bit more though. may be another mod conflict

  19. I suppose for you TSM map or Russia 3.0. It happens sometimes, failure in-process cluster of memory. Restart of game helps. On defolt it never was.

  20. Belo sagt Spitzen Truck

    Ich habe auch besagte Fehler Meldung.Aber nur manchmal,
    ich denke es hat mit dem Truck und der pmg nur bedingt
    zu tun.Denn die Meldung müsste ja dann direckt nach dem
    Spielstart kommen.Trotz alledem ist das ein aussergewöhnlich guter Truck.Eine sehr sehr gute Arbeit.Für Eure Mühe und Eure Arbeit,die Ihr für uns
    User leistet Meine Hochachtung und vielen Dank.

  21. Gorkal1ty

    The most awesome mod Ive ever tried, congrats.

    But, appart from the fly, is there a way to remove the smoke effect? For me its one way all the time and it gets annoying, if I could just remove it it could be perfect.

    Thanks in advice!

    1. Easily. you will delete a script:/unit/hookup/smoke6.sii

      1. Gorkal1ty

        Thanks, I just didnt know where it was located heheh. ; )

  22. good truck but this smoke he lag #### .
    i want to know if i can remove smoke???

  23. someone can tell me what progame need to have to open this file sii??

  24. Kalash156

    One of the best truck mods I’ve tried! Looks perfect. Good amount of customization options. The colors on the truck looks perfect. Sounds great (with the original sound, the optional sound just sounds BAD). Unlike some others, I do actually like the smoking exhaust. The only complaint I have is that rolling apple on the right side. Seriously, why? It just looks tacky, it doesn’t roll with physics but whenever you simply turn the steering wheel.

  25. I would like to watch this video and hear the truck. However, you cannot hear the truck engine because of the annoying ridiculous music.

  26. scania-legend

    Missing the GPS!!!!

  27. Errick_Dannyel

    Really the best truck ever made! its AWESOME!thanks a lot!

  28. love this truck love your work!! truly my favorite. i play this game so much more now because im always excited to fire this puppy up. the fly and fruit is kinda lame but i dont know enough about coding to touch it lol but seriously great work! best american truck on the net!

  29. i have been using previous model with no issues at all but wanted to download this so that i can use the smoke. but now when i go to purchase the truck the game crashes and i even removed all other mods. is there a way i can just get the smoke for the old version?

  30. For a version 1 was fix which includes smoke.
    1. A spoiler is remedied on a hood (it was in the air)
    2. A mate is remedied on an engine (there was very bright)
    3. Smoke is added from pipes (from for the structures of game smokes constantly) Cleans up a script on the way – /unit/hookup/smoke6.sii – I.e. it is simple to delete.


  32. sir can u make a cat engine they put after market cat engines in the pet would be nice to get some more torque and a little horse power… i am using the big load trailer mods and the train kills me at 68 tons…. very nice mod best truck in the game thanks…

  33. TomTomTom222


  34. snake20082

    I hear ya DEUCE I put in a CAT engine and kriechbaum CAT sounds OooooooH its soo nice now!!!

  35. nice truck but i have serious problems with it:

    1) that apple is toatlly ridiculous, even when standing and turning the steering wheel its moving that way im turning….
    2) same for the fly, but its removable
    3) causes huge fps drops, really it slows the game down sometimes. If i change truck it disappears. My specs are far enough for the game yet this stuff causes major drops.
    4) the steering wheel when steered to the right it operates so weird. Not turning “flow” and imho it turnes too much. Same the the left but not that much

    Please fix these.

  36. snake20088

    ya i get that it causes fps drop i have a high end rig i feel it not enough to take the fun out of it though,i think the fly is kinda neat my little buddy the apple is kinda goofy though. As far as the steering its a little off but not too much this truck handles much diffrent from Euros

  37. sounds like a great mod but however every time I go into the showroom the game crashes and same with another peterbilt mod I have? can anyone help me with this as I’ve really wanted to drive the peterbilt??????

  38. THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!!! Thanks so much the only thing i’d like is for the GPS in the dash to work! Other than that this thing is so sweet it’s a MUST DOWN LOAD!

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