Peterbilt 389 Macinnes Transport Skin

Macinnes-Transport-1 Macinnes-Transport-2

Macinnes Transport Skin for Peterbilt 389 Truck
Tested 1.21.1

Author: Pauly


5 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Macinnes Transport Skin

  1. outlawangelad

    all the skins you do are cool but could you please do a optimus prime paint skin truck and finders thank you

  2. ShuqGrind

    Could you make an Austin Ashley skin please? Thanx.

  3. great work, my father works for them out of their sydney depot. need to get the rest of the fleet done or at least skin transportable to other trucks in the game and trailers as well..

    more photos on the links…

  4. Aventador

    where to get those wheels i can?

  5. Hi guys can i just say i didnt do this skin,this is one of my other guys who do work on my website i think it was Brian C another guy who does fantastic work………if you want skins just come to my website and put a request in,all skins are free of charge.

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