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Peterbilt 389 sound mod V3


Hi friends,

Here’s my new sound for the Peterbilt 389.

New files, new sound, a real improvement has been done for everything
in that sound mod.

I think the video will tell you that better than me.

As the last sound mod for that truck, my mod includes the truck + the
sound, put those two files in your “mod” folder, if you already have
the truck delete it from your mod folder and use my two files.



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28 Responses to Peterbilt 389 sound mod V3

  1. james says:

    Ya did it again. gettin better all the time. Wonder how it drives in the snow as that’s where i’m at now. Keep em commin and i’ll keep complementin. Thanks again. Now back to the gear jammin I love.

  2. Argosy2013 says:

    Great sound mate as james said, just getting better all the time! keep at it dude!

  3. 04rc51 says:

    soon as u go to buy truck game crashes,does anybody else have this problem,running v1.7,tryed both buy online and when u visit the dealer no trucks at all show up,thanks if anybody knows how to fix

  4. kriechbaum says:

    Hi friends, yes i am trying to improve. but there’s a limit, such as sound files quality or the game itself.

    To make it as realistic as possible i saw many times those videos for exemple: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KS1bZirKKQ


    Yes James, when i did that sound, i knew that u’ll gonna like it. I hope your neighbors do not live too much close from your house, because the engine noise + the turbo’s whistle, that will be too much for them hahahahahahahh ( i am joking of course)

    I give you my email adress, if you want to discuss more : [email protected]

    Hope that sound mod will provide you some great experience of the game.

    See you soon !
    Ps: an adaptation of that sound will be done soon on the Daf & Kenworth K100.

  5. barns2010 says:

    as they said your getting there just tried it on 1.7 patch and tsm 4.1 it drive fine for about 30 second turn a corner forget it it slows down and then speeds up again you ve got a memory leek it giving it poor fps it looks great and sounds great but because of poor fps I just uninstalled it but keep trying your getting there

  6. Jay says:

    causing mine to crash, my ETS2 has never crashed in the 69 levels I have completed.

  7. kriechbaum says:

    Hi all, the truck isn’t from me, and if you look at forward comments on this truck (Peterbilt389) it needs a good computer.

    Sorry but the truck is really GPU and memory demanding.

    See u.

  8. barns2010 says:

    yes it is memory demanding that’s the problem hes working out side the specs of the game I have two amd 6990s and a cpu running at 5ghz the game runs perfectly im not getting at anybody that truck demands more memory than the hole game

    • kriechbaum says:

      Yeah, same here 3930K @stock, 16go DDR3, and twice 680GTX’s in SLi

      runs like a charms even with only one video card.

      Don’t worry friends, that sound as i said will come with the K100 and the Daf.

      See u.

  9. Jay says:

    game crash has nothing to do with computer hardware, I have a intel 6 core cpu 24 gigs of ram 2 GTX 680 4GB graphics cards.

  10. Jay says:

    the truck works in my game if I use the older one without your sound mod.

    • kriechbaum says:

      Hi Jay, i did NO modifications on the truck.
      Try the old truck with my new sound.

      I don’t understand why it doesn’t work now.

      It’s a mod conflict, i am sure. A lot of people use that truck without any problem (except the gpu and memory that is heavy demanding)

      Sorry, can’t help you anymore 🙁

  11. Jay says:

    it’s cool, I wasn’t saying it was your fault, that’s just the way it goes with mods every now and then.

  12. JA says:

    Hi Kriechbaum,

    In future, could you please also offer a download link to just the sound mod without the truck? (sound def & sound folder)

    It would be much appreciated, thanks again for making these great sounds 🙂

  13. kriechbaum says:

    Hi Ja, yes i understand, but some guys do not have the truck. Also the Def file is in the truck, not in the sound mod. So you must download the truck to be able to have my sound mod working.

    See U.

  14. kriechbaum says:

    For those who have some crashing problems with this truck :

    Enable the truck mod with the sound, then do not try to buy it
    pick a quick job, and select the Peterbilt 389. Play a little bite, then leave the mission, go to the Iveco dealer, and you will be able to buy the truck without any crash of the game.

    See u.

  15. JA says:

    Yes, I know. I’ve already extracted the DEF files from the truck and added it to the contents of ZzzPet389_sound_KriechbaumV3.scs to make it a working sound mod (to use on another truck).

    That is what I was asking, you, if you could do, for future trucks. Package it up as a complete sound mod (sound def & sound folder) as an OPTIONAL download. Keep the all-in-one (truck + sound) version for those that want that, too.

    Having the option to just download it as a sound mod, would have saved me an hour of downloading last night and given me enough time to download it and test it out.

    As I said, it’d be much appreciated if you can, but I understand if it’s too much work for you.

    • kriechbaum says:

      Yes i do my mod by this way, why, cause a lot of guys don’t know how to delete a Def file, even they don’t know how to use Winrar to open the mod lol.

      See u.

  16. kriechbaum says:

    Ja, when you download the stock truck mod, it already has his Def file for his own sound. You can’t have two def sound files for the same truck at the same time. You MUST delete it from the stock truck to make my sound working properly. A lot of people right here don’t know to do that, that’s why i did it by myself.

    Sorry that you had to download two times, but it’s only a 138mo file, that’s not one giga 😉

    It’s HARD to make one mod that makes happy everyone, some likes this kind of gear shifting sound, some others hate it, some likes loud turbo’s, others not, some find the sound too low, others want that i make it louder…

    That’s impossible to make everyone happy.

    Hope u enjoy that truck + his sound mod.

    See u 🙂

    • JA says:

      Okay, short answer. You can’t be bothered. Thanks.

      P.S. 138MB VS 15MB is over an hour difference when I’m downloading in the truck.

  17. Sib3rius says:

    This sound mod gets 2 thumbs up from this American! It sounds pretty good for it being suited to an American truck. Keep up the good work.

  18. Mauritz says:

    Great Work!!!

  19. Ramin says:

    My ets crashes when I use peterbilt 389, so could you make the sound for the 386?

  20. kriechbaum says:


    I’ll will adapt it to the K100 in few days.


  21. paul hodgson says:

    Hi what a fantastic truck but would have loved to put on bull bars and extra lights ect any chance you can fix it so that this is can be done also would love to see some skins for the truck aswel but it is a great truck. ps when you do the k100 can you make it with the bigger cab.

  22. Prime9910 says:

    I downloaded it and put and put it in the game and then i when on bought the truck came out and tested it and of course it doesn’t work i dont know if theres a differet way to put sound mods in someone help me please

  23. SteevManzo says:

    Este som é INCRÍVEL! Podes fazer o mesmo para a versão 1.7 que acabou de sair? Obrigado!
    This sound is AWESOME! You can do the same for version 1.7 that just came out? Thank you!

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