Peterbilt 389 v3.0 modified


Peterbilt 389 modified changes and additions:

– Changed the exterior and interior (3D model and new textures)
– Extra points on the grid
– Grill guard with additional fixtures and 100 points
– 4 bumper also with 100 points
– Red interior lighting
– 4 new wheel wing
– Chrome Peterbilt l logo on the grille with Backlit
– Attachment points on the roof (with or without Lightbar)
– Wind protection 379 (with Peterbilt logo)
– Additional attachment points for the rear cabin lights
– Extra lights Hella (turn signal, reverse, brake and parking light) +
reversing lamp with large light cone
– Pennant cab
– Additional pipes for air filter
– Air Conditioning on the roof
– Two new engines with 720PS (4179NM) and 840PS (4479NM)
– 18-speed transmission with retarder

Authors: dmitry68, Stas556, maxx2504


43 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 v3.0 modified

  1. standalone? where to get truck?
    12 speed transmision?

  2. where to get truck?

    1. Man…

      1. Renault Magnum

        в автосалоне MAN его нет(

  3. works under 9.1 patch? thanks

  4. 1.9x???

  5. yes…

  6. Hey i have the man shop but no truck.. it has to be a big shop or ?

  7. Works perfect, amazing work, my fav truck with no doubt.

  8. does it allso come with 12 speed transmission?

  9. Dingleberry

    Is this the same as the one at TSM’s homepage or is it updated compared to that?

  10. does it work on

  11. i want join it

  12. can i join it?ok,wo love this game

  13. matty jones

    what’s the password? i cant extract the file without it

    1. matty jones

      doesnt matter :p tryin to open the wrong file haha 😛

  14. matty jones

    it replaces one off the dafs actually so if ya think its not working have a look at daf its there! :L

  15. Gameplay Review

    ETS 2 1.9.13s / Peterbilt 389 v3.0 modified / Night / Обзор ночью

    1. Dingleberry

      Gameplay or music review?

      1. Agree mate, dum as ae

  16. Yup, available in de daf dealer…

    not in the man dealer

  17. been to Glasgow to get this truck from big daf dealer it’s not in there.

  18. Can someone make video of the truck during daytime?

    Just to check if the interior just looks crappy only on my side.

  19. how do i activate the gps?

  20. O button to activate GPS. Works in Thank you for this mod.

  21. take a look at video i have and one fault ive seen you can not see drivers mirror yet in the older mod you can without moving hope you fix and make it so it can be used on 1.8

  22. u need to fix it we r setting to close to the steering wheel and u cant c the guide poles like u can in the original version can u fix it please nice mod upgrades for the truck thou thanks alot….

  23. Everything is perfect with the exception of the Interior. Chances are, 90% of the time you’re driving is within the interior, which is far too zoomed in. The little fly is also an annoying distraction. The interior alone prevents me from completing even a short job, it’s just so bad! I hope the problem is resolved soon. I can not believe this was over looked.

  24. Let the flegs removable in cab. They are cover the windscrene. High-speed the engine noise fades quite.
    Warning in log file: the wheels are old form, upgrade it. But cool truck. Thank you.

  25. its not working do not rar baces but scs
    sorry for bet Englis zens vrom holland

  26. TSM-sergeant

    der der ihn hier hochgeladen hat, hat ihn bei uns im Forum geklaut und ich behaupte, somit auch kein support hier. Also viel Glück

  27. TruckSimFan

    This is an awesome update to an already spectacular mod, Maxx2504 🙂


    1) Open the file “interior_peter_389.sii”


    2) Replace the original lines in the file with these:

    camera_fov: 77
    stereo_convergence: 0.47

    near_plane: 0.2
    far_plane: 1600

    mouse_sensitivity: 0.3

    head_offset: (0.0,-0.00,0.05)

    These values are from version 2.0 of the Peterbilt 389.

    3) Save and the archive should ask if you want to update? Say, yes.

    4) Done.

    5) You will also have to comment out the fly animation if you don’t like the fly buzzing around 🙂

    Happy trucking!

    1. Are you going to want to replace EVERYTHING in the text document with what you have? If not, where is the fly section to remove?

      1. TruckSimFan

        You only want to replace the SAME lines (toward the top) with the ones from version 2.0.

        1. Alright, I got that. How about the bug? Any help there?

  28. Thanks you but smoke is no longer topical?
    COuld you please add it?

  29. Hi !

    Somebody uploads an old version i guess. So this upload is NOT from me ! So no support sorry guys.

    If you want an actual version of the v3.0… go to, register and download it.



  30. aussietrucker82

    great truck and look good with the Australian style bullbar and air intakes

  31. See my review of the mod. Like the changes other than the FOV being too close inside the cabin.

  32. The truck is absolutely fantastic.
    Littlebit worse sound, but model and tuning is perfect.
    Great work men…

  33. Nice truck,works well with the latest version.

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