Peterbilt 579 Fixed

Peterbilt-579-1 Peterbilt-579-2

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Truck Peterbilt 579 [1.22.x] [from ATS]

– Sold in Motor MAN
– Avtonmny
– Spelled out in traffic and orders agencies (with its wheels, made independent)
– 3 cabins
– 4 chassis
– His sound (from ATS)
– His wheels (as did independent of ATS)
– His shop (2 versions)
– Tuning
– Works board computer
– Works Bonnet mirror

Tested version 1.22

Authors: SCS, vovangt4, Stels


9 thoughts on “Peterbilt 579 Fixed

  1. Hi…..I respect your work but is some problem with this truck.
    The mirror from the right side door is missing. 🙁

    I appreciate your work!!! Have a nice day!!! 😀

    1. The mirror has been removed on purpose. You can not get to work and side mirrors and bonnet left mirror simultaneously. There is a bug in the side. I had to make such sacrifices. Understand correctly.

  2. Peterbilt 579 video test HD

  3. Anonymous

    Where do I buy this truck?

  4. Can’t you read tard, \Sold in MOTOR, MAN\

  5. can u please make it for update 1.27!

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