Peterbilt 579 v 1.0

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This is a Peterbilt Mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 which was converted from American Truck Simulator, It has all the customisation except for the heavy cargo flags which was given to the truck as a part of the Heavy Cargo DLC for American Truck. It is adapted to V1.28 and most likely will work on V1.27 aswell.

This is also my first ever truck mod so i’m new in this whole 3D modelling thing, Since I will keep it updated and I will add parts to it.

– Works on V1.28B
– Original Sound
– Sold in the DAF Dealer
– Stock Tuning
– 2 Stock interiors (Prestige & Exclusive)
– 3 Stock Cabins

Features That Will Hopefully Be Available in the next update
– Driver & Co Driver plates
– Oversize Flags & Banner
– Will be Fully Standalone
– It will have custom paintjobs
– Cabin Accessories DLC Compatibility
And more !

I have some good plans for this truck so hopefully one day I will be able to create it

Happy Trucking To All !

Kacperth Workshop, SCS Software


13 thoughts on “Peterbilt 579 v 1.0

  1. please make it DLC’s Addon?

    1. The Cabin Accessories DLC will be included in the next update so don’t worry 🙂

      1. yes!!!. so same interior lights please!

  2. DT Gaming

    can you convert Kenworth t680 to ETS2 ?thanks!

  3. Author! You made a mistake publishing the game! These trucks are destined for only America and the ATS!

    1. DerpbombGaming

      whats wrong with having american trucks in Europe? we do it in the UK and it common in Scandinavia.

      1. ApexPredator

        My thoughts exactly. There is an owner operator of a Kenworth w900 somewhere up near Birmingham, UK. Seen him loads of times on my way to work. Not sure how he handles them country lanes lol.

        1. DerpbombGaming

          oh yes i saw him when i was going through birmingham to london last year 😀

  4. hey kacperth please make it also SiSL’s Mega Pack?

    1. Yes, I am doing that aswell. The SiSL’s Mega Pack will be a seperate addon for this truck that you can download 🙂

  5. DerpbombGaming

    unnessesary mod, a much better version is already on steam workshop that supports all dlc, no offense

  6. @Kacperth: sorry if you take it badly, there are actually some mods that brings all ATS trucks in ETS2, and even more with improved sound and all cabin accessories and available updates.
    one of these packs is the pack of Term99 that is 100% error free and even brings a USA trucks garage, so that European dealers spots remain free for other trucks.

  7. Hd+Test+Video+:+

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