Peterbilt Mega Truck Pack

Peterbilt-Mega-Truck-Pack-2 Peterbilt-Mega-Truck-Pack-1

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– 351
– 389
– 579

FIX 1.24

Author: CrowerCZ


4 thoughts on “Peterbilt Mega Truck Pack

  1. Пан Crower наверное перегрелся на жаре! Ставить на “Петю” самый мерзкий из существующих звук от КамАЗа… Срочно к переделке!

  2. Despite of the fact that these trucks look really nice, you should not forget some sad facts, at least regarding the 351.
    This truck and probably the others too, do change the camera view. Usually the view on keyboard no ‘5’ shows a view outside the left window and backwards.
    But the developers of this truck changed it (already in earlier versions) radically:
    If you press the no 5 on keyboard, you will be confronted with a lousy ‘passenger view’ just at the right side of drivers seat.
    Some may find it ‘funny’, I absolutely do not like it.
    And I please the uploaders urgently to write at least a note especially regarding the changed camera-view.

  3. sorry but I cannot realized no update for v1.24. it is just a joined pack of previous versions like v1.23.

    nothing about new feature Advanced Trailer Coupling

  4. where do you but the trucks at?

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