Peterbilt rims (beta)


The rear wheel has some bugs that eh able to correct so it is beta , has no bearing on the mod , just look a little bad the rear , if you like good and if not well, thanks for download in version full I will include 2 pairs , one chrome and aluminum other



6 thoughts on “Peterbilt rims (beta)

  1. K-whopper

    they look pretty good Rockchevelle.

    could u add those long lug nut caps and paint to wheels like your last american rims u released?

    thanks for sharing

    1. rockchevelle

      ok the next update =)

      1. DarkHorse

        Hey rockchevelle! I wanted to know if you were interested in sharing your wheels in B4RT’s next trailer Mod. Your the go to guy when it comes to nice chrome american wheels. I talked to B4RT about it and he told me if he can get your permission then he would use them on his next trailer. I volunteered to contact you because he didn’t know who the author was.

        1. rockchevelle

          but you want these ?

  2. Bien weon..

    1. rockchevelle

      Gracias may

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