Peugeot 206 RC 2006 1.49x

changelog :

_ HQ interior and exterior
_ engine and a new sounds
_ added GPS
_ Full animations




20 thoughts on “Peugeot 206 RC 2006 1.49x

  1. Arda Demirci

    Plsss bmw 520 d F10 or 320 F30 plss

    1. ---------------

      i will try to do bmw the next car it model audi

      1. Sweet Amber AUS

        will you be updating the Saab?

        1. ---------------

          I updated bro for you and i fixed lights

          1. Sweet Amber AUS

            that’s so cool, thankyou, could you lighten the windows a bit so you can see inside the car a bit better in 3rd person view ?

      2. Please Renault Master 2008, please

        1. ...........

          I will try to update this van

          1. YAHIA and ONUR the SCUM

            Onur and Yahia hiding behind dots L M F A O

          2. yasser toufah

            can u make the citroen c4 spacetourer pleasse

          3. Thank you very much, you are the best modder 🙂

          4. I hope you don’t forget to make the license plate of the vehicle 42 C 0574 for me. I Really Love This Tool.

          5. YAHIA and ONUR the SCUM

            Yahia and Onur the scum,
            Yahia and Onur promote racisim…
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            Yahia and Onur promote thievery…
            Yahia and Onur promote stealing mods from other games…
            stealing mods from GTA.V, Assetto Corsa, and City Car Driving…
            Yahia and Onur promote not giving credits to those modders…
            Yahia and Onur are lolcow’s…

  2. arda demirci

    Plsss bmw 520 F10 or 320 F30 plsss

  3. Bedirhan Şahin

    Please add new rim option.

  4. Cool model, but wrong scale( Your car is too big

    1. ...........

      yes I know i forgot to change but i will fix

  5. turbo_opel

    Pls Opel Astra L!

  6. Ivan Handzhiev

    Bmw e60 530i from city car driving please

  7. Please Renault Master 2008, please

  8. la peugeot 206 ne fais aucun son et possible de mettre la peugeot 307 renault twingo renault scenic 2 merci

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