Peugeot 308 | 2010

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2 Adet Arka Tampon
4 Adet Angel
2 Adet Far
2 Adet Ayna
3 Adet Tavan Kaplaması
3 Adet Jant
Gerçekçi Motor Ve Şanzıman Ayarları
Çalışan Animasyonlar
Full Ao Render
Yardımda Bulunanlar : Harun ARAS
Plaka Ve Modifiye Parçaları : Berkay AKSOY, Berkay PEKESEN


2 Piece Rear Bumper
4 Pieces Angel
2 Headlights
2 Mirrors
3 Piece Ceiling Coverings
3 Piece Wheels
Realistic Engine And Transmission Settings
Running Animations
Full Ao Render
Plate And Modified Parts: Berkay AKSOY, Berkay PEKESEN

Berat Afşin, Metehan Bilal, Harun ARAS


5 thoughts on “Peugeot 308 | 2010

  1. please do the Hymer BKlasse camper motorhome. Thanks

  2. Model year 2018+ looks better.

  3. o8119522huan

    looks great but it can’t be repairedr

  4. SpiNof (before, Galaxi Mane)

    Hello, I like this mod, but, the sound is verry verry not Realistic !!! An Peugeot 308 can’t make this sound (or tuning). Please, for your v2 (If you make it) please, make an engine with a skoda sound, an other with a more Realistic sound, and the last one with this sound for have the choice. Tanks for reading my message. And I’m waiting you’re answer. Bye 🙂

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