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27 thoughts on “Peugeot 308

  1. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here … Very nice 3D model, the only flaw is the interior textures, their quality is not very good, but in all it’s a good car 😀

    1. Adrian G.

      I totally agree, the car itself looks detailed, facelift of the exterior looks exactly like in reality, the only issue would be the lack of original sound of the engine, all in all, top marks.

      Keep it up.?

  2. Beautiful ! Car I would like to see in ETS2, now it’s in !

  3. Again chassis skoda

  4. President10

    şu çöpleri paylaşmaktan vazgeç aslanım.

    1. Emir Bardakçı

      çok biliyorsan sen yap koçum

      1. President10 ALİ

        ha ha ha velet seni.

  5. AS ALWAYS: The automatic change does not work (so the animation of the gearbox is useless) and hooked badly with the car trailer. Why instead of taking one model after another you don’t correct the serious mistakes that all of them have?
    Stop wasting our time, will you,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Emir Bardakçı

      then, don’t use my car.


    2. SiMoN3 ETS2

      Bro, You’re wasting your time to be the an hater, if you don’t like a mod write the problems or don’t download it :))))))

  6. Lucasdriver70

    Good Work.

    1. J’avoue que c’est classe.

  7. AppleUK 123

    This made my day, thank you so much, I love this car and was pleased when I saw it here. Are you planning to update this car at all? I hope so this is a brilliant start?

    1. AppleUK 123

      Would love to see more realistic acceleration with real engine options, but thanks SO SO SO much! Bravo!!!

  8. I downloaded it, I tried it and I had to eliminate it. In my previous comment I indicated clearly what mistakes the car has. Does you not know how to read?. The author can correct it if he wants to make a good mod, or keep doing only junk if he pleases. But I’ll keep giving my opinion. All these cars are made on the basis of Skoda; what he does is add textures taken from mods from other games.The only thing that interests you is that we see your videos that we use your download links

  9. Pls make a Peugeot 307/Peugeot 308 2012/Citroen Xsara Picasso 2004 I love this cars

    1. Yeah the 307 model would be actually pretty dang nice

  10. i want IBIZA FR 2018 please

  11. rar sifresi?

  12. This is beautiful car and my 1st car mod which actually showedup in ETS2..:)

    But the main issue im facing is i cant run the car above 30-45 range speed…

    Can anybody help me in solving this issue…

  13. i cant use this mod for 1,30,what is happin?

  14. key winrar ?

  15. bununla ilgili bir video çekip kanalımda yayınlayabilir miyim ? izin veriyor musunuz ?

  16. Ayoub djaalab


  17. Fshnsklsmnd

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  18. Do anybody know some type of peugeot 308 station wagon in this game?
    Thanks for your great job!!

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