Physic Mod v5 Update – SmhKzl


Physic Mod v5 update: ETS2

– Wheel Physic
– Cabin Physic
– Trailer Physic
– Chassis Physic


Fizik Modu v5 güncelleme: ETS2

– Tekerlek Fiziği
– Kabin Fiziği
– Dorse Fiziği
– Şasi Fiziği



15 Responses to Physic Mod v5 Update – SmhKzl

  1. kuba12 says:

    compatybile for MAN tgx euro 6 by medaster?

  2. İlkin says:

    Beynine soktuğum içerden çekseydin ya bide ordan görseydik

  3. ayhan says:

    ellerine sağlık usta keşke oyundada zemin bu fiziklere elverişli olsa %99 yağ gibi yol hep :)))

  4. Philippe says:

    Thumb’s up mate!!! Love your Physic’s and keep going in the future!!!

  5. Windu says:

    Please update RJL RS and T.

  6. Snigy says:

    Hi, can y help me??? I like your mod, but when it´s on, i have fuel tank only 300L. Is here some solution??? Pls. help me 🙂

  7. Marc0nly says:

    Does this mod works with DAF XF 105 by 50k?

  8. chatdoz says:

    Nice to see your work again!
    Thank you

  9. Alex says:

    Why fuel tank olny 300L?

    • Snigy says:

      I don’t know. But with this mod,my fuel tank is only 300l. Is there some solution to change size of fuel tank?

      • Alex says:

        I said exactly same thing 😛

        • Snigy says:

          So, if i undetstood correctly, this is normal in this mod? If it is, it’s possible some way, incrase capacity of fiel tank back to original 1400l? Thx for reply?

  10. Murat116 says:

    why changing a fuel tank volume of 1400 liters for 600?

  11. Darsh71 says:

    Very good mod, but for that version and same for the older, the fuel tank become only 300L. …

  12. Darsh71 says:

    Hello, no update for 1.24 please ?

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