Physical realistic v.7.0


1.Change in spring bumpers of Horses and Trailers for high ground with elevations as (deformed slopes, sidewalks, Breaking Springs, Ramps, Uphill, sounders, etc.
2nd Change in braking on wet or dry weather, making it possible landslides, on all terrains (Pixe, Brita, grass or sand) are now more real during sudden brake, above 90km.
3rd Artificial springs for all chassis, (ORIGINAL and MODS) to make it possible to scale the cabin in sharp curves, and possible tumbled, with or without trailers, over 70km, depending on the curve and weight.
4.Added weight in the cabin and tires to prevent gallop during sharp turns, or speed bumps, not mean it can not happen at some speeds above 15KM.
5.Reduction swing cabin inside and out, beats over 90km.
6.Added stretching bumpers for new wheels (ORIGINAL and MODS).
7.Taken horse adjustment effect not to make the same return the position in the case of tipping = (be face)
8.Review of the cabin is now more flexible and adjusted to v1.15.1s, making it possible to effect display on the steering wheel in deformed slopes, speed bumps or the like.
9.Effect soft inside and outside the cabin when you walk through roads with elevations or deformation.
10.Balance dampers now in your actual point braking and tickets for highs.
11.Suspension calibrated to (AR) to give 50% chance of going through GROSS land without flipping over, depending on the speed.
12.Amendment of the steering wheel balance, along the springs of the dampers not to lose real effect.
13.Functional for maps, (EAA v1.6 +), (TSM v5.3 +) (ProMods v180 +) (MHAPro MAP Map US 1.6.STEAM +) (RusMap v1.4 +) or to come to be done.
14.Other amendments are exactly the version 6.0 that also suffered not so noticeable changes, and adjusted to the new version, 1.15.1s


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6 thoughts on “Physical realistic v.7.0

  1. Work on v1.14x ?

  2. Sarkissian

    You drove one UGLY truck to demonstrate your work!

    1. that’s not even worth the name truck

  3. bonjour avez vous le mod pour votre intérieur merci

    1. mis a jour 1.15.1, l´ intérieur. c´est pas un mod

  4. it doesnt work the same on scania164 in 1.15

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