Physics by GAARAA for 1.38

Physics by GAARAA for 1.38

This pack contains –
“Old_Truck_Physics_by_GAARAA_KB_1.38.scs” mod (Keyboard)
“Old_Truck_Physics_by_GAARAA_SW_1.38.scs” mod (Steering Wheel)
“Realistic_Physics_by_GAARAA_KB_1.38.scs” mod (Keyboard)
“Realistic_Physics_by_GAARAA_SW_1.38.scs” mod (Steering Wheel)

Use any one of the mods

Feel the difference.

* Braking intensity must be at 50%. (centre)
* Truck stability must be maximum. (entirely to the right)
* Trailer stability must be minimum. (entirely to the left)
* Suspension stiffness must be 50%. (centre)
* Cabin suspension stiffness must be maximum. (entirely to the right)

The “Old_Truck_Physics_by_GAARAA” is now tougher than before. It is a Fun and Adventurous mod and is highly recommended to use along with “Traffic_Challenge_by_GAARAA_1.38” mod.
Just take it as an amusement… & Enjoy.


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