Physics by GAARAA (R)

Physics by GAARAA (Rectified)
Version : 1.0
Use any one of the mods

Feel the difference.

The earlier contains the “test” version of the Realistic_Physics_by_GAARAA mod.
I am Extremely Sorry for the trouble, but I have to re-upload it.
I need to focus on details before uploading a mod.
This is the final inspected version.
Thank you all for your Patience and Tolerance.

The “Old_Physics_by_GAARAA” is a Fun and Adventurous mod.
Just take it as an amusement… & Enjoy.

Respect the original link.



14 thoughts on “Physics by GAARAA (R)

  1. Hi Gaaraa,

    In the zip file at the end of every scs file you have “KB” and “SW”. What do those mean?

    Also you have a screenshot of the braking and trailer settings. That applies to both realistic and old physics mod or not?


  2. KB = Keyboard

    SW = Steering Wheel

    1. Thanks

      1. No Problem.

  3. Hi Benjamin,
    Thanks TWD76 for the response.
    Yes the settings apply to both the mods. Braking intensity must not be above 75%, between 50% – 65% is recommended.

    1. No Problem.

  4. Hi Gaaraa,

    First of all thanks for your reply.

    I just tried this mod out. I am going to give you my opinion. I think it is a good mod but for me I am noticing a lot of skiding on the truck. I am using the settings you suggested and I am seeing that the brakes are a little weak when you have to brake suddenly. I also tried with the braking intensity full and still the same effect I am using the keyboard version. I only have your physics mod with a physics power brake mod inputted and your mod is high priority.

    You still did a very good job and I am very happy with what you did.

    Have a nice evening

    Best Regards,

  5. Hi Benjamin,
    Assuming that no other mod is active, you need to perform progressive braking. Which means start off light then squeeze harder, but just before you stop ease off again. If still this doesn’t satisfy, then turn automatic engine brake and automatic retarder on, which will certainly help as the torque braking will get into action more. If other than this still faced with an emergency where you need to brake urgent, then use the “Parking Brake” along with the normal one.
    Please maintain speed limits (default ETS2).
    Hope this helps.

  6. Hi Gaaraa,

    I tried again on another profile with no other mods but I am feeling that the tires are skidding while braking and it is taking a while to come to a halt. Do you think you can bring the braking intensity a little higher in the mod?

    Physics of suspension and all are very good.


  7. Hi Benjamin,
    In which of the 2 mods are you facing the problem?

  8. Hi Gaaraa,

    I am facing it in the realistic physics mod (Keyboard Version)


  9. Hi Benjamin,
    Realistic physics mod has better braking strength than the Old Truck one.
    Maybe you need to clear the cache before switching from one mod to the other.

  10. Hi Gaaraa,

    Ok I will try that.

    What is you next release and when?

    Thanks as always and have a great evening


  11. Hello Everyone,
    Considering the positive support for the Physics Pack by GAARAA version 1.0, reached a decision to terminate all the other versions.
    The only version which will remain in existence (link) is below:-

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