Physics for all truck v3.0 Final


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UPD: 18/12/15
for 1.22.x
Physics for all truck v3.0 Final
-Improved The impact in the transverse axis. (Now on grained and similar no evenness, cabin swallows bumps)
-Reduce The damping front and rear of the chassis.
-Increase Weight of the front axle (for default values Baltaev truck when cornering + junction without evenness)
-Reduce The course of the cabin in perёd back (pretty deep dived cabin, especially in perёd)
-Reduce the scaling factor of the trailer.
The test was conducted at Volvo Fh 16, 2012, Scania R, Scania RS, Volvo classic 2009



6 thoughts on “Physics for all truck v3.0 Final

  1. Why teach a video of a truck, if this mod is physic?

    1. Because this guy is a moron.
      Check other mods, he does that there as well.
      The admin should remove his useless videos.

  2. sorry ageratus but your mod is distant to reality i use the old mod ultra realistic physic mod 4.2 or 4.4 i dont remember the exact version but im a real trucker and this mod is most like reality than your mod if you find it try it and make a better mod than this in any case thanks for hard work to you and all moders

  3. I’ve tried several and this feels really good, currently using it. Good soft suspension, but hard enough not to bounce all the time, same for the cabin. I can feel the weight of the truck and the trailer now a lot better.

  4. AndreiTrucker

    Please say to me mod to have wheels !

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