Physics for ETS2 v1.11.1


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Physics for ETS2 v1.11.1

Small changes in physics.sii:
– maximum allowed rotation of the front wheels increased to 45 degrees
– fifth wheel roll angle increased to 3 degree
– changed the operating principle of pneumatic suspension of the cab, besides it became softer
– slightly softened suspension of the chassis
– decreased sway bar stiffness coefficient

by Alex (Knox_xss)


5 thoughts on “Physics for ETS2 v1.11.1

  1. LionBuster


  2. Nimeni_Altu

    hey KNOX, please remake that GRASS MOD to this new v1.11.1 of the game! and maybe you edit all the trees, in TSM Map they look very bad, thanks!

  3. MidniteTrain

    The idea for shocks are absorbers the shocks from the road and anything else the truck might happen to drive over. Not to cause the cab to wave around like a spring when bumped from below. We are supposed to drive over bumps without movement of the cab. The cab in your video is bouncing around at the slightest bump. There are no Shock absorbers doing there job on your truck.

  4. Magic Roundabout anyone?

  5. make a physic for trucks not for a Mini Cooper, and the direction is to sensitive

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