Physics for keyboard/keyboard+mouse play


Physics for keyboard/keyboard+mouse play
Tested with Scania streamline V8 730 and Mercedes Actros mp4 750HP.
Played on ETS 2 1.9.22 with DLC GE and Promods.

PUT .ZIP file in ETS 2 MODS folder!!!

Srele, edit by Filip89x


10 thoughts on “Physics for keyboard/keyboard+mouse play

  1. How it works? The video is a noticeable difference …. thanks for the explanation

  2. In me it arouses a feeling that this is a physics model cars driving in the game which you can download enough, but why “for keyboard / mouse + keyboard play”?

    1. This is Physics MOD customized for playing on keyboard. If you play on keyboard and you do not like a stock physics or any other customized physics out there you can try this MOD and if you like it keep it or if you do not, delete it…. Simple as that :-).

  3. You’ve mentioned an 750hp MP4. Can you post a link for that, please?

  4. x15156981812

    You made the physics so good,much better than others which are too soft or too strong made. Even when i had an accident.It feels so realistic!!!

    1. Thank you!

  5. does it work for update 1.11

    1. Nope 🙁 it is work but it is not working good

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