Physics of the Truck v 2.0 from ~Tok~ (1.30.X)

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– Customized based on the video test-drive of Volvo and Scania.
– In the video all of the top trucks.
– Realistic suspension physics, cockpit, transmission, brakes, pneumatic seat, camera in the cabin.
– Control suitable for steering and the keyboard.
– Supports all default trucks and Кamaz.6460, Scania rs, Renault integral, Renot, Scania.114.


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2 thoughts on “Physics of the Truck v 2.0 from ~Tok~ (1.30.X)

  1. @dr_jaymz

    like the suspension and cabin movement but the steering wheel is not good, too stiff, too hard to maneuver

  2. Made+on+the+basis+of+test+drive+videos+Volvo+and+Scania.

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