Physics of the Truck v 2.2 from ~Tok~(1.30.x)

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– Realistic suspension physics, cockpit, transmission, brakes, pneumatic seat, camera in the cabin.
– Supports all default trucks and Кamaz.6460, Scania rs, Renault integral, Renot, Scania.114.

– Changes in V2.2:
– Reduced traction (acceleration became heavier set speed
smooth, long passes).
– Reduced the height limit and the stiffness of the seat (on the big
the irregularities and when the accident does not jump to the ceiling).
– Increased traction (pulling heavy loads
mountain, see. video).
– Reduced the intensity of braking (without fanaticism).
– Changed slide (for winter).
– For those who do not like changes in management, in the archive
there is a second file with standard controls

Test on version 1.30.x

Author: ~Tok~


Put it in a Mod folder, plug in Manager mods

– Keep the original links! Respect author’s work!



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2 thoughts on “Physics of the Truck v 2.2 from ~Tok~(1.30.x)

  1. Smer4iTornado

    Приближенная к реальности ! Отличный результат!

    1. Aleksey_Tok

      thank you

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